Hearing game legends John Romero and Brenda Brathwaite tell us why Corona is awesome for mobile app development was inspiring. So in that spirit, here are the top 10 reasons why Corona is a no-brainer for native app development:

10. Mobile first. Corona was written 100% from the ground-up for mobile. It’s lean and mean — none of that legacy cruft.

9. “OMG!” That’s the sort of reaction we get when we show Corona in action. It’s like trying to imagine life before smartphones. There’s no going back.

8. Daily builds. Waiting for a once a year update is an eternity in the mobile industry.

7. Simplicity, Performance, and Flexibility. Why compromise with one or two when you can pick all 3?

6. 2D Graphics. We’ve cracked the code when it comes to building Photoshop-level graphics on top of OpenGL.

5. Documentation. There’s just a ton of it. Books (in print!), tutorials, and videos too.

4. Cross-platform. And when I say cross-platform, I actually mean cross-platform. You know, from the perspective of an engineer, not some marketing monkey. We strive for 95% whereas everyone else grades on a curve.

3. Elegant API’s. Build your apps 10x faster? Yup, design matters.

2. Community. You’ve touched our lives. Hopefully, we’ve touched yours in kind.

And number one is… [queue the drum roll]

1. Google says so. I’m not kidding! Okay, maybe a little, but guess who happens to be the top hit for cross platform mobile development? Here’s the screenshot (via Chrome’s anonymous incognito mode):


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