Fifteen years ago, Apple made a tough decision to cancel the Newton, Apple’s first foray into handheld computing. There was a lot of promise in the individual parts, but they never came together to something great, like they ultimately did with the iPhone.

After long deliberation, we’ve come to feel the same way about Corona Cloud. We aimed high but like the Newton, Corona Cloud in its current form has been a disappointment. While there were islands of potential, the ultimate execution of the product did not meet our standards.

As a result, we will be shutting down Corona Cloud on August 19.

Earlier this week, we sent an e-mail to all active Corona Cloud developers, as we recognized that this would be quite a surprise and shock to them.

We have refunded all payments made for Corona Cloud, as it was the right thing to do. In addition, we are taking steps to reduce the impact of this decision:

  • We are doing our best to support credible alternatives as quickly as possible. In the near term, we will be adding full support for Google Play game services (iOS and Android) with other alternatives soon to follow.
  • We are making the Corona Cloud code available to affected developers so they can continue to use their existing work by hosting their own instance on AWS.

This was a tough decision precisely because some of you have made a bet on Cloud — I know we have work to do to regain your trust.

The good news is we are now laser-focused on the core Corona SDK engine. You may have noticed some key changes we’ve made in the past several months leading up to this decision, but I want to call them out explicitly:

  1. Updates. We currently only talk about what we have already delivered, what we can actually demo, and (to a lesser extent) what we are actively working on.
  2. Ecosystem. We’ve been laying key infrastructure, especially plugins, to enable more flexibility and monetization.
  3. Community. We are actively engaging with you to make Corona the best mobile development platform out there.

In my weekly updates, I will continue to update you on the innovations we are committed to delivering.

And as always, feel free to send me (walter at coronalabs dot com) or the team your feedback. We’re listening.

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