The battle for all of history starts now…


Introduced at the Rooster Teeth Expo last week, History Fighter lets you take part in a world where historical figures take center stage in a comicbook style battle royale – one beat-down at a time. Join icons from throughout history as they vie for control of time itself with amazing card battles based all over the globe.


Tan Tran as Nikola Tesla versus Regina Babson as Al Capone at RTX

Tesla vs. Edison. Capone vs. Gandhi; grudge matches and battles that span the ages are at your fingertips – and your cards hold their fates!

History Fighter
brings incredible characters from history to life with a design style all its own. Unleash Tesla’s death ray to take down opponents! Let Poe send forth the ravens to make your opponents NEVERMORE! And don’t forget Al Capone’s twin-tommy guns, bringing a bit of “St. Valentines greetings” to your foes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some incredible concept and production art:


Other great features include:

  • Exciting single and multi-player card game mechanics
  • Collectible heroes, minions, and relics
  • Episodic, story-driven gameplay
  • Cross-platform – play anytime, anywhere
  • Special powers and upgradeable heroes
  • Ranked multi-player and tournament play

Ice Cap is also bringing out tons of new features to make History Fighter stand out even further – asynchronous multiplayer, custom fonts and sound/music by expression. Best of all, once History Fighter is released, these features will be made available to the GameSalad community.

Headrush Games joins a growing list of studios publishing with Ice Cap Games – GameSalad’s premiere publishing arm that brings our developer community design&development, game promotion, distribution and marketing using Ice Cap’s powerful network. We will soon be taking additional title submissions!

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Headrush Games, Ice Cap Publishing and The GameSalad Team

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Coming Soon… HISTORY FIGHTER by Headrush Games and Ice Cap Publishing!