GameSalad Mac Creator version 0.10.2 Beta is live – introducing a new ad monetization feature for our Pro users, as well as many engine optimizations across the board.


Mobclix ( is a new ad monetization feature for Pro users to implement, based on the industry’s largest mobile ad exchange network. It allows for complete transparency and visibility for developers to maximize revenues.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, Mobclix targets users based on location and the type of app to maximize the money that devs can make. When using Mobclix you gain:

  • The ability to see all your reports in one place
  • Receive one check with payments from all your sources
  • Have confidence that the ads appearing fit with the your content and users
  • Highest ad fill rate in the industry

GameSalad is pleased to offer the first of our Android monetizations with Mobclix. With this feature you handle all your own reporting and implementation.

For more information on setting up your Mobclix developer account and implementing it into your apps, see the attached document for a step by step guide.

Engine Optimizations:

Lua Optimizations:

  • Various optimizations to the Lua engine.
  • Multi-threaded loading for iOS.
  • Loading optimizations for Android.

HTML5 Optimizations

  • Loading optimizations.
  • Optimizations to how tables are saved and loaded.
  • Optimizations for Windows 8 apps.

For more information on this release, see the release notes here:
0.10.2 Release notes

Original link:

Introducing GameSalad Mac Creator 0.10.2 Beta