Hello GameSalad Developers!

We’re always happy to provide new and exciting opportunities to our community, and this is one that we couldn’t possibly pass up. With a prize of $25,000 and a 1 year Pro membership, this game jam is the largest we’ve ever hosted!


GameSalad has teamed up with GameSpot to help bring horrifying creations to life with the Unicorn Apocalypse Mobile Game Contest!

Now it’s your turn to create your very own Unicorn Apocalypse! Starting today, February 19th, you have two weeks to create and enter your Unicorn Apocalypse app for a chance to win $25,000.00 and a 1 year Pro membership!.

But first things first – you’ll need to register at Gamespot.com. Review the rules and you’re ready to start – check out the GameSalad Unicorn Apocalypse Contest Page for details.

Please be sure to read the contest rules carefully!

Contest terms: (subject to change)

  • Must be US resident
  • Entrant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Entry must contain one or more of the provided assets (see contest page.
  • Employees (etc.) of GS, Samsung, CBS are ineligible
  • Contest length: 22 Feb – 3 Mar
  • Uploaded video must include 1min gameplay footage
  • Must be in English
  • No illegal, vulgar, offensive, defamatory content. Rejection is at the discretion of GameSalad.
  • Can’t infringe any third party rights (e.g. IP)
  • Participant can submit as many entries as they wish
  • Submissions must be designed for Android (Non-Pro users are able to participate)

Judging criteria:

Judging is on creativity (25%), design and visual appeal (25%), organization of levels (25%) and ease of use (25%)
Prize: $25,000 + 1 yr GS Pro
Winner will receive notification on March 4, 2013.

More contest details, rules and conditions can be found at Gamespot.com/contests/Unicorn-Apocalypse

With a little sweat and rainbow unicorn blood, you could win $25,000 by entering the Unicorn Apocalypse Mobile Game Contest! Hurry! The hoofbeats of doom are growing ever louder…

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The Unicorn Apocalypse is Upon us…and you could win $25,000!