Sencha Space

We are pleased to announce the availability of Sencha Space! Space is a new platform for securely managing mobile apps from the experts on mobile web and HTML5 application development.

Space consists of two parts:

  1. A mobile app that runs on the end user’s device
  2. A cloud-based admin console for managing user access to applications and data

The rapid adoption of mobile technology and users bringing their own devices to work (aka BYOD) puts pressure on organizations to deliver mobile versions of apps that deliver critical functionality. Increasingly, organizations rely more on a virtual extended workforces, made up of partners, contractors, and other external collaborators who require access to sensitive data and applications. Sencha Space enables organizations to deploy applications to anyone without having to control their device.

Sencha Space helps organizations and business app developers meet this growing need because it reduces the challenges of building, testing, and deploying cross-platform, mobile HTML5 applications.


  • Easily deliver business applications in a secure, encrypted mobile environment while keeping personal apps and data separate
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of mobile application development, maintenance, and deployment by eliminating the need for multiple code bases, time-intensive testing and packaging requirements, and publishing apps through a public app store
  • Develop true cross-platform mobile applications with modern, mobile device performance and user experience using the Sencha Space APIs
  • Improve IT policy enforcement with centralized management of users, groups, applications, devices, and policies for access control and security
  • Help simplify audit and regulatory compliance with usage data analytics and reporting

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