Architect 3.0 RC1For those of you anxiously awaiting the upcoming release of Sencha Architect 3, we’ve a posted a new Release Candidate today for you to download.

As you may recall, back in July we showed a limited preview of Architect 3 at SenchaCon 2013. Shortly after that, in August, we made it publicly available. That version included early implementations of new key features like User Extensions, Theming, and Starter App Templates. We have updated these features in the Release Candidate, and added a couple more like Code-Completion and Sencha Cmd 4 integration. They’re all ready now for you to try out.

In the meantime, work continues on the GA version of Sencha Architect 3, which we know you’re going to love. Please download the latest build and keep the feedback coming. We rely on your feedback to help us make this product the best visual HTML5 app builder in the market.

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Announcing the Sencha Architect 3 Release Candidate