Sencha Certification ProgramProve your skills, enhance your career prospects, and increase your earning potential by getting certified as a Sencha Touch or Ext JS Developer!

A Certified Sencha Developer has the knowledge and skills to build applications using the Sencha frameworks. To achieve this level of certification, you’ll have to pass two exams covering the following categories:

  • Touch Exam 120: Class System, Components, Data Templates, Data Package, DataView, Data List, Carousel and Controllers
  • Touch Exam 220: NavigationView, NestedList, Forms, Device Profiles, History Support, Multimedia, Charts and Theming

All Sencha Certification exams were carefully developed using standard design principles (ISD) for predictive- and knowledge- based testing. A rigorous analysis phase was conducted to determine the core competencies required to develop Sencha applications, in a reasonable amount of time without accessing the full Sencha API documentation. The predictive-based testing implemented ensures that a certified developer can build applications at the level of complexity that is being tested (basic, intermediate, or advanced). The knowledge based testing simply ensures a certified developer can recognize or recall factual information required for developing applications using the Sencha frameworks.

Prior to taking any of the Sencha Certification exams, we highly recommend that you have real-world experience developing Sencha applications and attend one of the “Fast Track to Sencha Touch” courses.

You can take the Sencha Certification exams at a testing center near you (over 750 Kryterion testing centers worldwide) or test from home using the Live Online Proctoring option (requires an external webcam and microphone). All exams are administered and proctored using Kryterion’s world class online testing technology.

Learn more about the Sencha Certification program and Sencha Fast Track training courses here.

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Get Certified as a Sencha Touch or Ext JS Developer!