This post was originally published at Meet the SenchaCon Speakers – Don Griffin

imageI’m Don Griffin, and I’m the Engineering Manager of JavaScript Frameworks at Sencha. I was an Ext JS user for 2 years before joining Sencha and I have experience on a broad range of platforms. I’ve worked on designing web application front-ends and back-ends, native GUI applications, network protocols and device drivers. My passion is to build world-class products that people love to use.

At SenchaCon, I’ll be doing technical talks on the data package, data binding, view models and how to target apps for desktop to smartphones. I’ll also be talking about some really exciting new stuff that I can’t share before the event.


I hope to see you there, so you can hear all of the big developments we’ve been working on. If you haven’t already registered, you still have time. Email me and I’ll send you a 20% discount code.

Sencha Ext JS: From desktops to smartphones – For the legacy and the modern web

Learn the how to use the latest version of Sencha Ext JS to create applications for all screens from desktop to smartphones. We will create a single application targeting all screens and talk about how to maximize code sharing while ensuring the best possible user experience across all devices.
I’m co-presenting with Gautam Agrawal.

Ins and outs of the Ext JS data package

The data package in Sencha Ext JS puts the “M” in MVC and MVVM. Learn how to organize your models and take full advantage of the data package to manage fields, records, associations, stores, sessions, and more.

Leveraging ViewModels and Data Binding

Sencha introduced MVVM in Ext JS 5.0, including the support for two-way data binding. In this session, we will show what really goes on behind the scenes when it comes to view models, data binding, formulas and more. You will learn how view models manage data, update bound properties, mange stores, and individual records. You will also learn how your existing applications can be modified to leverage MVVM.

Visit the SenchaCon website for more details on all of the sessions and speakers.

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This post was originally published at Meet the SenchaCon Speakers – Don Griffin