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The Sencha engineering and technical teams are really excited for SenchaCon July 16–19 in Orlando, FL. They’ve been working hard on taking Ext JS, Touch, and Architect to the next level and can’t wait to share the new features and capabilities. We also have a brand new product we’re introducing to the Sencha arsenal and we’ll be sharing all of the details with you at SenchaCon.

Industry experts on site

In addition to the great Sencha technology sessions, we have an awesome lineup of industry experts on our speakers panel. Folks like Christian Heilmann from Mozilla, Tim Caswell from Creationix, and Elliott Sprehn from Google will be hosting sessions to share the latest in browser technology, server-side and cloud integration, and cutting-edge JavaScript and HTML5 technical content.

Get the help you need at Ask Sencha

We’re also excited to provide Ask Sencha, a free, private consultation with a Sencha expert. This is a SenchaCon attendee exclusive and available on a first come, first serve basis, so you need to reserve your spot today.

Get the advanced ticket price before it ends on Tuesday, June 25th!

SenchaCon is the ultimate HTML5 dev event for novices and pros alike. With bootcamp sessions to get you started or highly-interactive technical sessions to help you push your skills further, there’s something for everyone. If you help build web apps, you need to be at SenchaCon next month. Register now before the advanced ticket price expires!

P.S. If you still need help convincing the higher ups that this is a must-attend event, here’s a Justify Your Trip letter with all the details inside to make your case.

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SenchaCon 2013: The Ultimate HTML5 + Sencha Event