SenchaCon Roadmap sneak peakAs we speak, the entire Sencha team is battened down for the closing weeks of preparation for SenchaCon 2013, July 16–19 in Orlando, Florida. We’ve published most of our sessions, announced most of our speakers and shown you the insane after-hours parties we’ve got in store. Now we’re going to give you a little sneak peek at what we’ll be talking about in those secret sessions on the schedule. It’s time to lift the curtain — just a little bit — on the new features and products we’ll be announcing.


imageWe’ve delivered on our Ext JS 4 commitments, including RTL, and grid performance. Now we’re ready to talk about what’s next. One of the big themes for Sencha is more convergence between Touch and Ext JS, and at SenchaCon you’ll be first to see the future of Ext JS live. Don Griffin and crew be showing off major new features that take the Ext JS grid to a new level of design flexibility and efficiency.

And one more thing for Ext JS.

imageTouch has a huge number of surprises lined up. Jacky Nguyen & crew will be showing off a couple of “never-seen-before” features for Touch that take speed of development to a whole new level. And you know that brilliant designer who could bring great things to your Touch projects, if only they could somehow get their heads around the JavaScript? That won’t be a problem. No matter how big your project.

Also, when 2017 calls, and tells you that Web Components are finally in IE, you’ll be hanging up. You’ll already be working with something way more powerful. (Now what could *that* mean?)


imageBut we’re not done yet, because Aaron Conran and the Architect team have been rocking and rolling getting ready to push out new bits that only SenchaCon attendees will get their hands on. These bits are freshly brewed from the finest organic monads and carefully compiled to avoid bruising. Could they involve powerful new theming capabilities? Let’s ask the Magic Eight Ball.

We *can* tell you that we’re going to be giving a huge bear-hug to user components. And showing off awesome new features to radically improve app building.

And one more thing?

If all of that isn’t enough… We’ll also be introducing a brand new 1.0 product at SenchaCon. We think it’s the future of Enterprise apps. And at SenchaCon, you’ll be the very first in the world to get your hands on it. You might want to wear these, it’ll be pretty hot.

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