This post was originally published at You can’t go wrong watching JavaScript talks

Late last week, I was collecting suggestions for year-end Hacks blog posts. As she headed out for the winter holidays, apps engineer Soledad Peñades gifted me “a bunch of cool talks I watched this year.”

In fact, it’s a curated collection of presentations from JSConf, JSConf EU, and other recent developer conferences. Presenters include notable Mozillians and opinionated friends: hackers, JavaScripters, teachers, preachers, and hipsters. Many talks come with links to slides. They cover diverse topics: software development, developer culture and practices, developer tools, open source, JavaScript, CSS, new APIs.

Part 1: Sole’s list

Part 2: Making video better on Firefox

Binge-watching JavaScript talks not your idea of a holiday break? If you’re watching video at all, Mozilla could use your help improving the video experience on Firefox.

Here’s how you can contribute: Download Firefox Nightly, and help us test the implementation of Media Source Extensions (MSE) to support YouTube videos running in HTML5. Over recents weeks, Firefox engineers have been working hard addressing top bugs. To get this into the hands of users as quickly as possible, we need more help testing the experience. Here’s a detailed description of the testing task, thanks to Bugmaster Liz Henry from the QA team.

File bugs using this link. Describe your platform, OS, and the steps needed to reproduce the problem.

Thank you for helping to make the Firefox Desktop video experience awesome. See you in the new year.

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This post was originally published at You can’t go wrong watching JavaScript talks