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Salad Solutions is a compilation of educational resources developed by the GameSalad team. Resources include: webinar videos, Question of the Week answers, and Cookbook highlights. ;


Today’s Salad Solutions is a guest post courtesy of GameSalad Sous Chef, Aaron Asher (Tenrdrmer on the GameSalad forums). In order to assist the GameSalad community in properly setting up Testflight accounts, ;Tenrdrmer has created two instructional videos documenting the process of setting up and creating your IPA and registering your device with Testflight.

For those unfamiliar with this application, Testflight is a free web service for mobile developers, project managers, and app testers. Testflight helps developers beta test new versions of iOS apps with ease. ;

Speaking on his experience, Tenrdrmer shares that “ever since being introduced to I have been so impressed with the ease of use for both the developer and the beta testers. It opens the door to allow users who are not developers to test your games which means a much larger pool of users available to you as a developer. I am personally far more likely to test someones game for them if it is offered through Testflight because it means much less of a hassle on my end.”


Salad Solutions: Beta Testing Your Game with TestFlight