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By: 米国Sencha社が開発フレームワーク製品の最新版をリリース –

Building an Angular Video Player with Videogular

Introducing the Collision Filters plugin

Twitter Data Mining: A Guide to Big Data Analytics Using Python

Welcome LoopMe, a new monetization plugin

Flexbox and Sass Grid Tutorial: How to Streamline Responsive Design

Google Play’s policy on incentivized ratings, reviews, and installs

From the Forum – Issue #157

Corona Roadmap 2017

2017 Android Security Rewards

Android Pay says “Nǐ Hǎo” to Taiwan

Android DDMS: A Guide to the Ultimate Android Console

Introducing new non-revenue-share AppLovin plugin

Hey Canada, get tappin’ this spring with Android Pay

Great game development tips: May 2017

Meet 5 Android developers working to improve lives around the world

Efficient React Components: A Guide to Optimizing React Performance

Welcome to your New Home on Android TV

Indie Game Blast Off contest from Appodeal

Request a professional app translation from the Google Play Console and reach new users

Apache Spark Streaming Tutorial: Identifying Trending Twitter Hashtags

Group Messaging in Android Auto

Understanding Gamers and Gameplay: Moving Beyond the Genre

Android Pay says "Привет" to Russia

Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry

From the Forum – Issue #156

Make more money with subscriptions on Google Play

Android Wear: New complications tools and watch friendly UI library

3D Graphics: A WebGL Tutorial

What’s next for Google payment and loyalty experiences

Google I/O 2017: Empowering developers to build the best experiences across platforms

Android Announces Support for Kotlin

Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1

I/O 2017: Everything new in the Google Play Console

Android Instant Apps is open to all developers. Start building today!

Keeping you safe with Google Play Protect

What’s New in Android: O Developer Preview 2 & More

Android: celebrating a big milestone together with you

Eight Rules for Effective Software Production

Featured Game: Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Android Things Developer Preview 4

By: Sencha Announces ExtReact for Adding Powerful UI Components to React Applications – Wall Street Business News

Smarter cars powered by Android

Track your subscriptions better with the Google Play Developer API

Here comes Treble: A modular base for Android

Featured tool: Corona Plugin for Xcode

Server-side I/O Performance: Node vs. PHP vs. Java vs. Go

Apple now requires Xcode 8.3.2 for submitted apps

How to Create Custom Magento 2 Widgets

Build a portfolio of apps as you improve your Android dev skills with the new Advanced Android course

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