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A Guide to Security Best Practices for Remote Teams

We have a winner in our latest Corona Marketplace contest!

New ways to pay with Android Pay and PayPal

Java 8 Language Features Support Update

A New Issue Tracker for our AOSP Developers

How to Internationalize Your AngularJS App

FORTIFY in Android

Top 10 Mistakes that Django Developers Make

Featured Game: Designer City

Android Pay Integrates with Mobile Banking Apps

Android O to drop insecure TLS version fallback in HttpsURLConnection

Changes to Device Identifiers in Android O

PhalconPHP: A Solution for High-load RESTful APIs

From the Forum – Issue #153

Android Things Developer Preview 3

Announcing Corona Public Release 2017.3068

Android Developer Story: Robinhood uses Android Studio to quickly build and test new features

Featured Game: I Love Hue

Focusing our Google Play games services efforts

An investigation of Chrysaor Malware on Android

Introducing PAX: the Android Networked Cross-License Agreement

5 tips for indie game success, from indie game developers

Magento 2 Tutorial: Building a Complete Module

Maintain Slim PHP MVC Frameworks with a Layered Structure

Corona Blitz 2017 coming up soon!

Update your app to take advantage of the larger aspect ratio on new Android flagship devices

How we stop fraudulent apps from holding you ransom

Featured Game: Mr. Treppe

Calling all early adopters for Android Studio previews

5 tips for building communities on mobile

From the Forum – Issue #152

How to Build a Natural Language Processing App

Featured App – QuizTix: Animal Pics

5 Tips for launching successful apps and games on Google Play

Genetic Algorithms: Search and Optimization by Natural Selection

How to Build CSS-only Smart Layouts with Flexbox

Diverse protections for a diverse ecosystem: Android Security 2016 Year in Review

O-MG, the Developer Preview of Android O is here!

Introducing Android Native Development Kit r14

Engineering Update: March 2017

Top 10 Most Common Spring Framework Mistakes

Corona Labs joins Appodeal!

Android Developer Story: LinkedIn uses Android Studio to build a performant app

Grow your app or game business on Google Play with new best practices

Future of Java 8 Language Feature Support on Android

Detecting and eliminating Chamois, a fraud botnet on Android

Write Fat-free Java Code with Project Lombok

From the Forum – Issue #151

100 announcements (!) from Google Cloud Next ’17

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