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9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid

Android has created more choice, not less

Visual Studio IntelliCode now infers coding conventions for consistent code

360° Images on the Web, the Easy Way

How to Approach Machine Learning Problems

Azure Service Fabric Mesh tools now available for Visual Studio 2017

Hot Module Replacement in Redux

Building an ASP.NET Web API with ASP.NET Core

How creating an Action can complement your Android app

Corona Labs releases a new public build

Creating a Cryptocurrency in the Crystal Programming Language

Android Emulator – AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support

Announcing the public preview of Azure Dev Spaces

A Deep Dive into Reinforcement Learning

MDN Changelog for June 2018

Did You Know Your App Can Use BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge Too?

Using BlackBerry Dynamics and Android Things to Securely Manage IoT Apps

What’s new for text in Android P

Congrats to the new Android Excellence apps and games on Google Play

Dark Theme Darkening: Better Theming for Firefox Quantum

App Review Deadlines Approaching

Android P Beta 3 is now available

A Platform Update

Easy Activation and Authentication Delegation

From the Forum – Issue #184

Improving discovery of quality apps and games on the Play Store

A New Universal Music Player

Users, Devices and Applications – How They Relate in UEM Architecture

Automating your app releases with Google Play

AV1: next generation video – The Constrained Directional Enhancement Filter

Angular 5 and ASP.NET Core

Compiler-based security mitigations in Android P

Launching the Indie Games Accelerator in Asia – helping gaming startups find success on Google Play

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8 Preview 3

Firefox 61 – Quantum of Solstice

Introducing Codeless App Events Setup as Part of New Facebook SDK

Retained Display Lists for improved page performance

Emulating React and JSX in Vanilla JS

Android Studio 3.2 Beta

Android Things client library for Google Cloud IoT Core

Better Biometrics in Android P

Featured #MadeWithCorona Game: OverRapid

Grow and optimize your subscriptions with new Google Play features

How to Do JWT Authentication with an Angular 6 SPA

2018 F8 Hackathon Winners Announced

Google Play security metadata and offline app distribution

Listen up: Google Podcasts is now on Android

#IMakeApps – Celebrating app makers worldwide

From the Forum – Issue #183

Is Your App Ready to Meet Upcoming Google Play Requirements?

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