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R8, the new code shrinker from Google, is available in Android studio 3.3 beta

The Android Dev Summit app is live! Get ready for November 7-8

Celebrating a Sweet Decade of Android

Android Protected Confirmation: Taking transaction security to the next level

Open platforms like Android unlock potential

Collusion: Nearby Device Networking with MultipeerConnectivity in iOS

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A Secure BlackBerry Dynamics Android WebView is Here

Get ready for #AndroidDevSummit, kicking off November 7!

Introducing Oboe: A C++ library for low latency audio

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 Preview 3

New Google Play Games Services plugin

Facebook Login Update

Four Pitfalls of Sentiment Analysis Accuracy

Security Update

A New Era for VR Gaming and Entertainment: OC5 Day 1 Recap

Tips from the people behind your favorite Google products

Android and Google Play Security Rewards Programs surpass $3M in payouts

Linux builds for Corona

Expanding Emergency Location Service in Android to the U.S.

Notifying your users with FCM

Custom Dynamics App Guidance for iOS 12 and Android P

MDN Changelog for August 2018

Firefox Focus with GeckoView

ARKit Demo: Augmented Reality Movie Making

Client-side vs Server-side vs Pre-rendering for Web Apps

The search for JOMO: New research on digital wellbeing

The Economics and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google

The Ultimate ENS and ĐApp Tutorial

Verifying your Google Assistant media action integrations on Android

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Overview of Popular Static Site Generators

Introducing the new Google Fit

Streamlining the developer experience for instant games

Alternative input methods for Android TV

Updating Wear OS Google Play Store policy to increase app quality

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8

Dive into React Native for Android Development

Google releases source for Google I/O 2018 for Android

Meet the first Indie Games Accelerator class

Understanding Content Scaling in Corona

Developing a Bioinformatics Database for Disulfide Bonds Research

Introducing Android 9 Pie

An Update on Facebook App Review

Platform Update on Publish Permission

OC5 Preview: First 18 Talks Revealed, Registration Now Open to Attend September 26 – 27 in San Jose

Exploring the Business Benefits of SharePoint

Supporting display cutouts on edge-to-edge screens

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