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Android Wear Beta

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Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 3: Play Store and More

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 2

Notifications in Android N

Build beautifully for Android Wear’s Round Screen using API 23’s -round identifier

Slow Android Wear Adoption Is Stifling Development

Android Wear: Introducing TAG Heuer Connected

New Course on Developing Android Apps for Google Cast and Android TV

Introducing a New Course on Developing Android Apps for Auto

New Courses — Developing Watch Apps for Android Wear

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Android Wear: Stay connected with interactive watch faces

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Fitness Apps on Android Wear

A Closer Look at Google Play services 7.5

Always-on and Wi-Fi with the latest Android Wear update

Google Fit: Make every step count

Exercise or Games? Why Not Both!

New Android Code Samples

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Keep a watch on your phone

Android Wear: apps and watches for every occasion

Android Wear & QR Code: Putting Users through the Fast Track

Making a performant watch face

Watch Face API Now Available for Android Wear

Google Fit: An effortless, comprehensive view of your fitness.

GPS on Android Wear Devices

Allthecooks on Android Wear

Messaging on Android Wear

Update on Android Wear Paid Apps

Google Play Services 5.0

Stacking Notifications For Android Wear Is This Easy

Android Wear Developer Preview Now Available

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