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Magento 2: Revision or Revolution?

From the Forum – Issue #170

Android Things Contest Winners

Android Things Hackster Contest

How to Integrate the BBM Enterprise SDK into a Regulated Organization

Featured #CoronaDefoldJam entry: Heavy Vertical

Introducing the Automated Testing Support Library for BlackBerry Dynamics

Waze for Android Auto is here

From the Forum – Issue #160

From the Forum – Issue #159

Android Things Hackster Community

Android Things Console developer preview

Android Things Developer Preview 4.1

Twitter Data Mining: A Guide to Big Data Analytics Using Python

Welcome to your New Home on Android TV

From the Forum – Issue #155

From the Forum – Issue #154

From the Forum – Issue #153

Introducing PAX: the Android Networked Cross-License Agreement

Corona Blitz 2017 coming up soon!

From the Forum – Issue #152

From the Forum – Issue #150

From the Forum – Issue #149

Introducing Associate Android Developer Certification by Google

Welcome Unity Ads to our monetization suite

From the Forum – Issue #145

Announcing updates to Google’s Internet of Things platform: Android Things and Weave

Coming Soon: Enhancements to Developer and ISV Partner Online Experience

Toptal’s Quick And Practical JavaScript Cheat Sheet: ES6 And Beyond

New Tools to Help you Build Better

F8 Reveals New Developer Tools & Services

A-Frame 0.2.0 – The Extensible VR Web

Adding Features to the BarcodeScanner Plugin

Debugging Google Maps with Secure Work Space

The Top 10 DevBlog Posts of 2015

With Perk.com, Corona Labs enters the next chapter

Hangout Highlights – Creating Game Cameras That Follow Players

From the Forum — Issue #96

Action required for new Graph API Webhooks (Real Time Updates)

Hangout Highlights – Rapid Level Design Using A Visual Editor

Hangout Highlights – Turrets, Homing Missiles, and Decoys

The GWT Toolkit: Build Powerful JavaScript Front Ends Using Java

Hangout Highlights – Invisible Game Pieces, Game Testing, and Auto-Generating Levels

Hangout Highlights – Implementing Levels In Games

Introducing New Graph API Explorer Features

Choosing The Best Headphones For Developers

Developer Edition 41: View source in a tab, screenshot elements, HAR files, and more

Hangout Highlights – Rag Doll Physics Code Walk-Thru

Android Developer Story: The Hunt — Increased engagement with material design and Google Play

Sencha Ext JS JetBrains Plugin EA Update 2 Released

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