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Understanding Kochava attribution with Garrett MacDonald

Maximize app revenue with ironSource rewarded video and offerwalls

Monetize using intelligent ad mediation by Appodeal

Developing engaging word puzzle games with Steve Bullock

Adding consumer brands to a skater game with Dain Hedgpeth

Developing Super Robot Jump Jump with Matt Rathbun

Animating Street Puncher with Bobby Rasmusson

Corona Geek #195 – Pebble Watch, math2D, Sudoku generator, PayPal plugins

Corona Geek After Dark #27 – audio streaming plugins, Apple App Store policies, and app advertising

Corona Geek #194 – Taptic Engine, 1Password, More Info, and ReplayKit Plugins

Playing multiplayer GetMeBro! with Ondrej Dobsinsky

Working on intellectual property projects with Ted Wilson and Corey McDaniel

Corona Geek After Dark #26 – Plugins for GPGS, Bluetooth, Touch ID, Firebase, Android address book and more

Corona Geek #193 – Game Center, Touch ID, VLC plugins and more

Interactive storytelling with Octobo’s Yuting Su

Breakdancing with Floor Kids’ Mike Wozniewski

Corona Geek #192 – EAT Lean, EAT Fat, and Game Design Notes

Corona Geek #191 – EAT Framework Updates & Custom Widget Themes

Corona Geek After Dark #25 – Steam plugin Demo, EAT, Coronium LS, CoronaCon, LuaConf, and Win32 Pro Tips

Corona Geek #190 – Coronium LS demo – Creating an online leaderboard

Monetize kids apps using the KIDOZ plugin for Corona SDK

Corona Geek After Dark #24 – App Judging Tips, LuaConf, and a Google Drive plugin

Corona Geek #189 – Character animation using Spine and meshes

New York game lawyer, Chris Reid shares app development legal tips

Corona Geek #188 – Reducing collision calculations with quadtrees and Spine runtime mesh support

Corona Geek #187 – Using LDoc to create amazing app project documentation

Corona Geek After Dark #22 – Magic the Gathering, Alexa using Lua, and Steam Box

Corona Geek #186 – Using Tiled Map Editor for level design with Corona

Corona Geek #185 – Spine workflow basics and using Tiled as a level editor

Amsterdam-based Dual Cortex Gaming builds app to control the wind

Corona Geek After Dark #21 – Ad Networks, Weather Apps, and Continuous Deployment

Corona Geek #184 – Daily vs Public Builds, Calling C Libraries, and EAT Tools

How Brazilian game studio Tapps uses Corona SDK to publish 200+ games

Corona Geek #183 – GDC16 highlights and faster project creation

Corona Geek #182 – Corona Engineers Speak Out and Two Touch Steering

Corona Geek After Dark #20 – Stripe Plugin, Roof Rack Ranger, and Dancing Cat Apps

Recent News Developer Adds Artificial Intelligence To Smart News Reader App

Corona Geek #181 – Creating Destroyable Game Environments

Hoppy Naut Developer Keeps Cost Low and Value High Using Stock Assets and Advanced Features

Corona Geek #180 – Adding Explosive Mines and Handling Player Deaths

Corona Geek After Dark #19 – Apple TV, Monetization, CoronaCon, Stripe Plugin

Corona Geek #178 – Optimizing Performance Using Object Caching

Hangout Highlights – Grid System Enemy Spawning And Working With Tables

Hangout Highlights – Geometry Wars Twin Stick Shooter Game Overview

Corona Geek #174 – Creating A Twin Stick Shooter Game

Roj Niyogi Appointed Corona Labs CEO

Hangout Highlights – Level Balancing, Enemy Types and Tiled Backgrounds

Hangout Highlights – Zombie Killing Vector Math – Part 2

Corona Geek #171 – Adding Tiled Backgrounds and Randomizing Enemy Types

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