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Words and Actions – A Guide to Microcopy

Visual Studio extensions and version ranges demystified

Google Play services discontinuing updates for API levels 14 and 15

R8, the new code shrinker from Google, is available in Android studio 3.3 beta

A New Way to Support MDN

Streaming RNNs in TensorFlow

New in Firefox 61: Developer Edition

Protecting WebView with Safe Browsing

Fastlane: iOS Automation on Cruise Control

Theming with Sass: An SCSS Tutorial

Conquer String Search with the Aho-Corasick Algorithm

Introducing new font metrics APIs, plus a new plugin

Android Wear 2.0: Make the most of every minute

How to be Efficient in PhpStorm: An IDE that Really Matters

How to Make an Android and iOS App in C# on a Mac

Google Play services and Firebase for Android will support API level 14 at minimum

A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Chris Coyier

Introducing new app categories — From Art to Autos to Dating — to help users better find your apps

Connecting your App to a Wi-Fi Device

BlackBerry Goes To School

Gulp Under the Hood: Building a Stream-based Task Automation Tool

Secure Work Space: iOS 9.3 Compatibility Update

To Python 3 and Back Again: Is It Worth the Switch?

3D Printing: Should Designers And Developers Take Notice?

Beyond Offline

API Updates for Sign-In with Google

Tutorial: Using the mobile/remote accelerometer

Android Studio 2.0 Preview

This Week in BlackBerry World: WhereIs

The Sample to End All Samples

Simplified NGINX Load Balancing with Loadcat

How to protect your SIM card with a PIN using BlackBerry 10

Taming WebRTC with PeerJS: Making a Simple P2P Web Game

ES6 In Depth: Subclassing

Tutorial: Scope for beginners

The limited-edition Skrillex Live Case: Built for fans. Made for Android.

Tutorial: The Basic Game Template

New Windows Phone Dev Center Financial reporting

Hello World, meet our new experimental toolchain, Jack and Jill

Apple Watch in a Nutshell: A Feature Introduction for iOS Developers

SVG & colors in OpenType fonts

Optimizing Your Ext JS Apps for Touch and Tablets

Got pixel pains? Try using design units

Data Encoding: A Guide to UTF-8 for PHP and MySQL

The Fast Lane for App Certification: 12 Windows Store Certification Tips

Sencha Goes to Las Vegas [for Interop]

Django, Flask, and Redis Tutorial: Web Application Session Management Between Python Frameworks

Google Play services 4.3

Writing an Ext.Direct Backend in Node.js

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets better notifications, new Live Tiles

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