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Corona is now 100% analytics free!

Getting your Corona apps ready for GDPR!

Introducing new preference storage features

Corona major build release 2016.2949

Submitting apps to Apple’s iTunes Connect

Apple iOS and the IPv6 deadline

Android Studio templates now available for Corona Enterprise

Check for those pesky globals!

What is Corona Engineering up to these days?

What’s new in daily builds?

Introducing new Android 6 features

Facebook v4 Plugin: iOS Beta, improvements, and new features

Xcode Requirements: iOS 8.3 + iOS 8.4-beta

Update on Corona, iOS 64-bit support and plugins

Notifications have been moved to a plugin

iOS Build Improvements

Corona’s iOS 64-bit Transition Plan

iOS 8 and Corona SDK

Facebook on Android moved to plugin

CoronaViewer: Instant on-device previews

Composer GUI Beta Update

Changes in minimum OS version: iOS 6

Composer GUI Beta

Changes in minimum OS version: Android 2.3.3

New Public Release: 2014.2189

Holiday Surprise: Camera Feeds as Textures, Real-Time Effects

Daily Build Roundup: Select/Capture Video + iTunes Library Access

Graphics 2.0 Public Beta

Daily Build Roundup: Amazon IAP + Map improvements + New Analytics Dashboard

Daily Build Roundup: Win Simulator + Android + Transition 2.0 + iOS

Corona weekly update: Turn-based multiplayer support

Corona Weekly Update: Fixing bugs

Corona Weekly Update: iOS7 Beta, Text alignment, Facebook

Corona Weekly Update: Photoshop-style Filter Effects

Tutorial: Using the Zip Plugin

Corona Weekly Update: New Plugin Partners + Core gets lighter

Corona Weekly Update: Plugins now beta in daily builds

Corona Weekly Update: Starter vs Pro, Plugins, and Graphics!

Corona Weekly Update: More on Gluon/Plugins

Corona Weekly Update: Join us at FITC + Android Expansion Files + Raycasting + Plugins

Corona Weekly Update + Open Source

Corona SDK Daily Build Update

Widget 2.0 is here! Bam!

Say goodbye to default Android Permissions

New public release coming!

Corona + Phonegap + Physics, Android notifications, and more!

iOS 6, Game Center, and Landscape orientation

Heads up: Storyboard + Widget

More Updates: iOS 6, NOOK HD, CoronaGeek Hangout

Corona: iOS/Google Maps, Kindle Fire HD and NOOK HD

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