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Overview of Popular Static Site Generators

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App Review Deadlines Approaching

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Secure Storage with BlackBerry Dynamics

Intro to Python Image Processing in Computational Photography

Visualizing Your Smart Home Data with the Web of Things

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Creating Server-side Rendered Vue.js Apps Using Nuxt.js

Build a Text Classification Program: An NLP Tutorial

Test your Dynamics Apps with BBD Automated Test Support for iOS

Integrating BlackBerry CPaaS with Android Auto: Secured Apps for Cars

Don’t Repeat Yourself: Automating Repetitive Tasks with WP-CLI

Fastlane: iOS Automation on Cruise Control

Tips to Attract, Manage, and Retain Software Developers

Test-driven React.js Development: React.js Unit Testing with Enzyme and Jest

Common Mistakes in Client Communication: How to Not Frustrate Your Client

Understanding the performance benefits of ConstraintLayout

500 million devices now supported for Android Instant Apps

iOS Centralized and Decoupled Networking: AFNetworking Tutorial with a Singleton Class

Introducing the Automated Testing Support Library for BlackBerry Dynamics

Android vitals: Increase engagement and installs through improved app performance

Corona Roadmap 2017

Aurelia vs. Angular 2 — A Code Comparison

SafetyNet attestation, a building block for anti-abuse

Introducing Android Native Development Kit r14

Headless Raspberry Pi configuration over Bluetooth

Prototyping a subcontinent scale sculpture in A-Frame

A Guide to Managing Webpack Dependencies

Tap. Pay. Celebrate.

Mozilla Push Server now supports topics

Firefox 49 fixes sites designed with WebKit in mind, and more

Why You Should Let Your Kid be the Next BlackBerry

Java in the Cloud: Continuous Integration Setup Tutorial

Developer Edition 50: Console, Memory Tool, Net Monitor and more

Introducing the Facebook SDK for Swift Beta

Scaling Scala: How to Dockerize Using Kubernetes

Keep Calm And Transition To A New Development Team

Security "Crypto" provider deprecated in Android N

Jumpstart Your PHP Testing with Codeception

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