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Understanding Kochava attribution with Garrett MacDonald

Flurry dashboard walkthrough with Developer Evangelist, Tasmin Singh

Maximize app revenue with ironSource rewarded video and offerwalls

Interview: Monetize using polls and surveys with Pollfish

Monetize using intelligent ad mediation by Appodeal

Developing engaging word puzzle games with Steve Bullock

Adding consumer brands to a skater game with Dain Hedgpeth

Developing Super Robot Jump Jump with Matt Rathbun

Animating Street Puncher with Bobby Rasmusson

Corona Geek #195 – Pebble Watch, math2D, Sudoku generator, PayPal plugins

Corona Geek After Dark #27 – audio streaming plugins, Apple App Store policies, and app advertising

Corona Geek #194 – Taptic Engine, 1Password, More Info, and ReplayKit Plugins

Playing multiplayer GetMeBro! with Ondrej Dobsinsky

Working on intellectual property projects with Ted Wilson and Corey McDaniel

Corona Geek After Dark #26 – Plugins for GPGS, Bluetooth, Touch ID, Firebase, Android address book and more

Corona Geek #193 – Game Center, Touch ID, VLC plugins and more

Interactive storytelling with Octobo’s Yuting Su

Breakdancing with Floor Kids’ Mike Wozniewski

Corona Geek #192 – EAT Lean, EAT Fat, and Game Design Notes

Corona Geek #191 – EAT Framework Updates & Custom Widget Themes

Corona Geek After Dark #25 – Steam plugin Demo, EAT, Coronium LS, CoronaCon, LuaConf, and Win32 Pro Tips

Corona Geek #190 – Coronium LS demo – Creating an online leaderboard

Monetize kids apps using the KIDOZ plugin for Corona SDK

Corona Geek After Dark #24 – App Judging Tips, LuaConf, and a Google Drive plugin

Corona Geek #189 – Character animation using Spine and meshes

New York game lawyer, Chris Reid shares app development legal tips

Corona Geek #188 – Reducing collision calculations with quadtrees and Spine runtime mesh support

Corona Geek #187 – Using LDoc to create amazing app project documentation

Corona Geek After Dark #22 – Magic the Gathering, Alexa using Lua, and Steam Box

Corona Geek #186 – Using Tiled Map Editor for level design with Corona

Corona Geek #185 – Spine workflow basics and using Tiled as a level editor

Amsterdam-based Dual Cortex Gaming builds app to control the wind

Corona Geek After Dark #21 – Ad Networks, Weather Apps, and Continuous Deployment

Corona Geek #184 – Daily vs Public Builds, Calling C Libraries, and EAT Tools

How Brazilian game studio Tapps uses Corona SDK to publish 200+ games

Corona Geek #183 – GDC16 highlights and faster project creation

Corona Geek #182 – Corona Engineers Speak Out and Two Touch Steering

Corona Geek After Dark #20 – Stripe Plugin, Roof Rack Ranger, and Dancing Cat Apps

Recent News Developer Adds Artificial Intelligence To Smart News Reader App

Corona Geek #181 – Creating Destroyable Game Environments

Hoppy Naut Developer Keeps Cost Low and Value High Using Stock Assets and Advanced Features

Corona Geek #180 – Adding Explosive Mines and Handling Player Deaths

Corona Geek #176 – Twin Stick Game Development – Creating HUDs and Shuffling Items

Corona Geek #174 – Creating A Twin Stick Shooter Game

Hangout Highlights – Zombie Killing Vector Math – Part 1

Corona Geek #168 – Simple Pathfinding And Working In Teams

Corona Geek #167 – Creating Cameras In Desktop Games

Hangout Highlights – Using Third Party Assets In Desktop Games

Hangout Highlights – Rapid Level Design Using A Visual Editor

Corona Geek #162 – Creating a Visual Game Editor

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