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Firefox 61 – Quantum of Solstice

Retained Display Lists for improved page performance

Announcing new DirectX 12 features

iOS 11 and older Corona-built apps

A How-to Guide to SVG Animation

From the Forum – Issue #161

GPUs in the task manager

Corona Roadmap 2017

Introducing the Nano SVG plugin

GPU plugins, improved SDK layers, and hang debugging: Bringing DirectX 12 tools to the next level

Introducing external bitmap textures

Android N Developer Preview 2, out today!

iOS Animation and Tuning for Efficiency

Awaken Your Creativity with the new Windows.UI.Composition

MSDN Magazine: Special Windows 10 Issue

A Brief Overview Of Vulkan API

Low-overhead rendering with Vulkan

From the Forum — Issue #79

GRFX at //build 2015: What will you build?

Custom Shader Effects

Game Performance: Layout Qualifiers

Qt Creator flat style UI design + new Light theme

Qt Weekly #23: Qt 5.5 enhancements for Linux graphics and input stacks

Multi-process embedded systems with Qt for Device Creation and Wayland

MetricsGraphics.js – a lightweight graphics library based on D3

Qt Weekly #21: Dynamic OpenGL implementation loading in Qt 5.4

Qt Weekly #20: Completing the offering: QOpenGLWindow and QRasterWindow

Apple Shows Love for HTML5 with iOS 8

Qt Weekly #19: QOpenGLWidget

PlayCanvas Goes Open Source

Game of the Month (Mar 2014): LittleSaw

Qt Weekly #8: Custom Bezier easing curves in Qt Quick 2

//build 2014 highlights #3: graphics, media, design, and the business of apps

Qt Data Visualization 1.0 Beta

Optimizing DirectX apps for low latency input and longer battery life

Corona Geek #59 – Graphics 2.0, Corona Editor, and Game Code

Raising the Bar with Direct3D

Graphics 2.0 Public Beta

Using the Hardware Scaler for Performance and Efficiency

The HTML5 Scorecard: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in iOS 7

Graphics: iOS 7 Translucent Glass Effect

Corona Update: Daily builds, iOS 7, and the road to Graphics 2.0

Augmented Reality Experiment

New Scene Graph Renderer

3-D effects with Normal Mapping

We’ve Written the Book on BlackBerry 10.2 Development

Corona Update: Graphics 2.0

Corona Weekly Update: Vector graphics teaser

Corona Weekly Update: Groups and Containers

Corona Weekly Update: Photoshop-style Filter Effects

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