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Android Things Developer Preview 4

GPU plugins, improved SDK layers, and hang debugging: Bringing DirectX 12 tools to the next level

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Trainspotting: Firefox in 2015

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Making and Breaking the Web With CSS Gradients

CSS Layout Tutorial: From Classic Approaches to the Latest Techniques

The Vital Guide To Hire Great Freelance Developers

Build 2015 Session Recap

Tips for Building Better Experiences with the New Facebook Login

Drive app installs through App Indexing

Top 10 Reasons You Should Join Us at SenchaCon

Game of the Month (Jan 2015): WordForWord

SenchaCon 2015 is Ready to Roll

Game of the Month (May 2014): Get Fiquette

The appbackr + Tizen Roundup: A Rousing Success

Google Play services 4.4

Launch apps faster with prefetched content

Brokered WinRT component project templates now available

Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1

iOS 7.1: The Bug Fix Release Arrives

Opportunities for app builders this holiday season

Angry Birds Go! races onto Windows Phone 8

Instagram and Waze are the latest top apps for Windows Phone 8

Submit your OS X Mavericks apps today.

How a Single Front-End Engineer Can Replace a Team of Two

User Experience Design Competency coming to the Microsoft Partner Network

10 classic Xbox games from Gameloft on sale through June 25

We’re throwing a Twitter photo party tomorrow! Show up and you could win a Nokia Lumia 928

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Mobile app deep-linking and new Cards

Temple Run is here—and free—for Windows Phone 8

Game of the Month Winner: January – helloRobot!

What’s different about the Windows Phone Store in China

Essential indie games for Windows Phone (January 2013)

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