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From the Runway to the Pixel: The Jeremy Scott Live Case

Hangout Highlights – Endless Runner Mods and Consulting Tips

Endless Runner Game Development Highlights – Particle Effects, Tracking Player Progress, and Keeping Score

Corona Geek #54 – Making Objects Float in Corona SDK

Corona Geek #53 – Make Rain and Lightning in Corona SDK

Corona Geek #52 – Making a Character Jump in Corona SDK

Corona Geek Snippets – HID Support, Ouya, GameStick Support

Corona Geek #51 – Ouya Support, Nexus 7 Tips, and 16bitLabs

Tip: Using setLinearVelocity versus transition.to to move objects in Corona SDK

Corona Geek #50 – Creating A Simple Game – Code Walkthrough – Part 2

Corona Geek #49 – Creating A Simple Game – Code Walkthrough

Building A Brand Around Mobile Apps

Corona Geek #48 – Hangout with David L. Hoyt, The Man Who Puzzles America

Corona Geek #47 – Working With Data in Corona SDK

Corona Geek #46 – Using Particle Candy In Your Games

Corona Geek #45 – Is NOOK Color Dead, Ouya Sells Out, Become a Corona SDK Hotshot

Corona Geek #44 – Creating App Video Trailers Using Videopixie

App Marketing Tips from Eric Kinkead, Creator of Questlord

Hangout Highlights: Super Memory Meter

Corona Geek #43 – Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Gaming

App Monetization Using The Tap for Tap Plugin

Staff Conversation #6: Google Play Game Services

Corona Geek #42 – Space Monsters Love Bullets

Hangout Highlights: Displaying Green Throttle Controller Feedback In Corona SDK Simulator

Corona Geek #41 – Corona SDK Plugin Talk

Hangout Highlights: Memory Management Tips

Corona Geek #40 – Memory Management, Google IO, and Dilbert

Corona Geek #39 – Creating Forever Lost, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

Corona Geek #38 – App Marketing Using YouTube’s New One Channel Design

Hangout Highlights: Forever Lost Episode 2 – Sneak Peak Release Talk

Hangout Highlights: Glitch Games’ GIGJam 48 Hour Online Corona SDK Hackathon

Staff Conversation #4: Walter Luh on the future of mobile graphics

Corona Geek #37 – GIGJam, 7 Games In 7 Days, and Corona SDK Analytics

Hangout Highlights: Plug-In Beta Testing, Facebook Integration, and GIG Jam 48

Staff Conversation: Expansion File Support In Corona SDK

Corona Geek #36 – Facebook’s Open Graph Mobile, Plugin Beta Testing, and Dear John Apps

Hangout Highlights: Writing A Custom Keyboard for Spelling Test

Staff Conversation: Ray Casting In Corona SDK

Corona Geek #35 – Hanging out with Spelling Test developer, Brian Park

Staff Conversation: Corona SDK Starter and Price Changes

Corona Geek #34 – Hanging out with Climate Clock’s Ben Wong

Corona Geek #33 – Hanging out with Questlord’s Eric Kinkead

Corona Geek #32 – App Store Optimization Using SearchMan SEO

Corona Geek #31 – App Video Promotion With Apptamin

Corona Geek #30 – App Store Optimization with AppCodes

Corona Geek #29 – Game Developer Talk with Word Hunt & Freeze

Corona Geek #28 – App Development Workflow – Round Table Discussion

Corona Geek #27 – Apps World Recap & Community Updates

Corona Geek #26 – Global Game Jam Recap & Spine, 2D Skeletal Animation Software

Corona Geek #25 – Hanging with Ricardo Rauber Pereira, Game Coder App Developer

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