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Improved Facebook App Review Process

Linux builds for Corona

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/14/18

MDN Changelog for August 2018

The struggle of retention with casual games

Client-side vs Server-side vs Pre-rendering for Web Apps

New API to Bring Augmented Reality to the Web

Firefox 62 – Tools Cool for School!

Finding playtesters for your game

Angular 6 Tutorial: New Features with New Power

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/31/18

The Economics and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The 10 secrets to indie game success

Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google

The Ultimate ENS and ĐApp Tutorial

Building in-game tutorials

Exclusive new organic acquisition insights on the Google Play Console

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Cordova Frameworks: Ionic vs. Framework7

Schooling Flappy Bird: A Reinforcement Learning Tutorial

Visual Studio for Mac version 7.6

Streamlining the developer experience for instant games

Alternative input methods for Android TV

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/17/18

Social media assets guide

Android 9 Pie (Go edition): New features and more options this fall

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.8

From the Forum – Issue #186

New Teacher Dashboard

The Video Wars of 2027

Creating a Secure REST API in Node.js

Understanding Content Scaling in Corona

Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure Scuttlebutt

Cost-effective QA for your mobile games

Android Pie SDK is now more Kotlin-friendly

Exploring SMACSS: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Android 9 Pie: Powered by AI for a smarter, simpler experience that adapts to you

OC5 Preview: First 18 Talks Revealed, Registration Now Open to Attend September 26 – 27 in San Jose

Introducing the Dweb

Introducing Graph API v3.1, Marketing API v3.1 and Graph API Explorer (Beta)

Game design: Adding consistency to your games

Final preview update, official Android P coming soon!

From the Forum – Issue #185

The Arch: Using Rust & WebAssembly to animate 30k colored LED lights

Android has created more choice, not less

360° Images on the Web, the Easy Way

Corona Labs releases a new public build

Creating a Cryptocurrency in the Crystal Programming Language

Android Emulator – AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support

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