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Boxing coach uses Live Transcribe to connect with at-risk youth

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If it has audio, now it can have captions

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New! Android Kotlin codelab courses are here

Caching and Connection Handling in .NET: An Aspect-Oriented Programming Tutorial

Functions and return statements in Corona

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Oracle to SQL Server and SQL Server to Oracle Migration Guide

Committed to a safer Google Play for Families

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8 tips for a stress-free summer road trip

Will JS Frameworks Spark a Front-end Revolution in 2020?

With Sound Amplifier, more people can hear clearly

Android 64-bit is here…

Important AdMob and other ad plugin changes

When you can’t find the words, 65 new emoji are here for you

Android Dev Summit 2019 Registration is Open

Extending Corona libraries without native coding

Corona Android 64-bit update July 4, 2019

Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

A Look at JavaScript’s Future

Product Management Empowered by the Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Android Q Beta 4 and Final APIs!

Make Your App Profitable—Leverage Mobile Analytics

Corona, Google Play apps and 64-bit

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