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Combating Potentially Harmful Applications with Machine Learning at Google: Datasets and Models

The Power of Web Components

New & Experimental Web Design Tools: Feedback Requested

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Into the Depths: The Technical Details Behind AV1

Working With Static Patterns: A Swift MVVM Tutorial

Introducing the new Animation Plugin

Update on the new GPGS v2 plugin

#madewithcorona: Mission Me!

BISD Brings STEM Education to all Middle School Students through GameSalad

Case Study – El Paso Area Middle School

A different approach to game difficulty

Celebrating a Sweet Decade of Android

Google Play offline peer to peer installs beta

Playtime 2018: Helping you build better apps in a smaller bundle

Introducing Opus 1.3

Steamworks plugin is now open-source

Visual Studio Roadmap Updates and Visual Studio 2019 Information

Dweb: Decentralised, Real-Time, Interoperable Communication with Matrix

Collusion: Nearby Device Networking with MultipeerConnectivity in iOS

What’s Next for Visual Studio for Mac

Payments, accessibility, and dead macros: MDN Changelog for September 2018

How to Create an ERC20 Token the Simple Way

Introducing ‘Suggest a Feature’ in Developer Community

Camera Effects Platform is now Spark AR

Making a difference with Android and Google Play

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 Preview 3

New Google Play Games Services plugin

A New Way to Support MDN

Monetization best practices (and a new Ad Tutorial!)

Use your voice to access the world with a new Android app

Facebook Accelerates AI Development with New Partners for PyTorch 1.0

OC5 Day 2 Highlights: Carmack’s Keynote, the Innovation Zone, and More

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/28/18

Improved Facebook App Review Process

Linux builds for Corona

Expanding Emergency Location Service in Android to the U.S.

Helping more families set digital ground rules with Family Link

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/14/18

MDN Changelog for August 2018

The struggle of retention with casual games

Client-side vs Server-side vs Pre-rendering for Web Apps

New API to Bring Augmented Reality to the Web

Firefox 62 – Tools Cool for School!

Finding playtesters for your game

Angular 6 Tutorial: New Features with New Power

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/31/18

The Economics and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The 10 secrets to indie game success

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