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Android Studio 3.4

A Real-Time Wideband Neural Vocoder at 1.6 kb/s Using LPCNet

How to make VR with the web, a new video series

Android Studio 3.3

Python Machine Learning Prediction with a Flask REST API

Learn Kotlin Fast with new Kotlin Bootcamp course

Android Studio 3.1

500 million devices now supported for Android Instant Apps

From the Forum – Issue #162

Android vitals: Increase engagement and installs through improved app performance

Creating art for your games

From the Forum – Issue #148

Business of Apps: Understanding attribution

Best practices for monetizing your mobile games

Tap. Pay. Celebrate.

Sneak peek: Corona Live Builds

Android Developer Story: Le Monde increases subscriptions with Google Play Billing

LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast Series: Custom App Policies in Good Dynamics Applications

Facebook Analytics for Apps Launches Cross-Platform Analytics (beta)

LIVE Enterprise Developer Webcast Series: Writing rich mobile applications with BlackBerry’s Good Enterprise Mobility Server (GEMS)

Android Developer Story: Hole19 improves user retention with Android Wear

Android Developer Story: Culture Alley reaches millions of English learners on Google Play

First Preview of Android N: Developer APIs & Tools

LIVE Good Dynamics SDK Developer Webcast Series (Part 1): Get To Know the Good Dynamics SDK

Learn top tips from Kongregate to achieve success with Store Listing Experiments

Android Developer Story: RogerVoice takes advantage of beta testing to launch its app on Android first

Play Games Loot Drop for Developers

App Analytics in iTunes Connect

Top 5 Reasons the Web Will Win on Mobile

Power Great Gaming with New Analytics from Play Games

Force Touch APIs in OS X 10.10.3

Meet the SenchaCon Speakers – Don Griffin

Updated Cross-Platform Tools in Google Play Game Services

Announcing Apple Pay

iAd Has Expanded to Russia and Switzerland

OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 3 Now Available

Explore iOS Resources for Enterprise

iTunes Connect for iOS Update Now Available

Single App Binary Supports 64-bit and 32-bit Apps

iAd Workbench Expands to New Countries

Announcing the Volume Purchase Program for Mac Apps

Announcing iOS 7 Tech Talks

Managing Availability of Your Apps’ Previous Versions

Volume Purchase Program Now Available in More Countries

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