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Google I/O 2019: Empowering developers to build the best experiences on Android + Play

Visual Studio 2019: Code faster. Work smarter. Create the future.

Visual Studio Subscriptions – everything you need for Azure development

Facebook Accelerates AI Development with New Partners for PyTorch 1.0

Overview of Popular Static Site Generators

IoT Developer Story: Deeplocal

Introduction to Deep Learning Trading in Hedge Funds

A Journey to <10% Word Error Rate

How to Choose the Best Front-end Framework

Bringing Computer Science Education to Rhode Island’s Students: Announcing GameSalad’s CS4RI Partnership

Mozilla ♥ Rails Girls Summer of Code

Corona Geek #161 – Crystal, iOS 9 Ad Blocker, Developer Interview

Learn to Code: Wisdom and Tools for the Journey

Speeding up Application Development with Bootstrap

Corona Geek #160 – Homing Turret Vector Math Breakdown – Using Gravity In Games – Part 6

Stereoscopic Rendering in WebVR

Corona Geek #158 – Building Game Objects and Reloading Levels

Corona Geek #155 – 3D Printed Game Pieces and Using Gravity In Games – Part 2

Corona Geek #154 – Simulating and Using Gravity In Games and 2D Shadow Effects

Corona Geek #153 – Custom Shader Math and 2D Shadow Effects

Android Customization: How to Build a UI Component That Does What You Want

ES6 In Depth: Generators, continued

Corona Geek #145 – Creating Library Extensions, JSON Load/Save, and Persistence

Visually Representing Angular Applications

Flame Gets Developer Preview of Firefox OS 2.0

Introducing SIMD.js

Integrating Corporate Bank Ecosystems on a Wide Range of Devices

Passwordless authentication: Secure, simple, and fast to deploy

WebIDE, Storage inspector, jQuery events, iframe switcher + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 34

Single Div Drawings with CSS

PhoneGap Developer App preview for Firefox OS

Building Firefox Hub Add-ons for Firefox for Android

ServiceWorkers and Firefox

Introducing the Web Audio Editor in Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox OS Apps run on Android

Stack Overflow Dashboard – check engagement, metrics and more

Pre-orders start today for Flame, the Firefox OS developer phone

Introducing TranslationTester and localization support for Open Web Apps

Qt Weekly #10: Creating Server-side, Cross-Platform and N-Screen Todo Application with Qt Cloud Services

How fast is PDF.js?

asm.js performance improvements in the latest version of Firefox make games fly!

Qt Weekly #8: Custom Bezier easing curves in Qt Quick 2

Mozilla hits one million bugs – thanks for making the Web better with us

Take the Developer Economics 7th Global Survey

Firefox OS App Workshop Prague

A Deep Learning Tutorial: From Perceptrons to Deep Networks

Save the Date | Qt Developer Days 2014 Europe

Hunting Memory Leaks in Java

GameSalad Game of the Month June: Bridge The Gap 2

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