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Fluent 1.0: a localization system for natural-sounding translations

Developer Roadshow 2019 returns with VR, IoT and all things web

Firefox 66 to block automatically playing audible video and audio

Firefox 65: WebP support, Flexbox Inspector, new tooling & platform updates

Mozilla Hacks’ 10 most-read posts of 2018

MDN Changelog for November 2018

Firefox 64 Released

Rust 2018 is here… but what is it?

As a JS Developer, This Is What Keeps Me Up at Night

Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync

Into the Depths: The Technical Details Behind AV1

Introducing Opus 1.3

Payments, accessibility, and dead macros: MDN Changelog for September 2018

Streaming RNNs in TensorFlow

New API to Bring Augmented Reality to the Web

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Dweb: Serving the Web from the Browser with Beaker

Dweb: Social Feeds with Secure Scuttlebutt

9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid

Dark Theme Darkening: Better Theming for Firefox Quantum

Overscripted! Digging into JavaScript execution at scale

A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS

Firefox 60 – Modules and More

Making WebAssembly better for Rust & for all languages

It’s Resilient CSS Week

Where’s Rust headed in 2018? Ask the community.

Introducing the MDN Product Advisory Board: actions and impressions from our first meeting

Front-end Frameworks: Solutions or Bloated Problems?

A Journey to <10% Word Error Rate

A super-stable WebVR user experience thanks to Firefox Quantum

Async Pan/Zoom (APZ) lands in Firefox Quantum

WebAssembly Will Ease Collaboration on Next Generation Video Codecs

Devtools: What you need to know

Using Immutable Caching To Speed Up The Web

Prototyping a subcontinent scale sculpture in A-Frame

Firebug lives on in Firefox DevTools

Visualize animations easing in DevTools

Cooperative Scheduling with requestIdleCallback

A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Fyrd

A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — David Walsh

Introducing debugger.html

FlyWeb – Pure Web Cross-Device Interaction

A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Rachel Andrew

Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat

Helping web developers with JavaScript errors

Mozilla ♥ Rails Girls Summer of Code

Methods for Web Content Analysis and Context Detection

Trainspotting: Firefox 45

HTML 5 game development video series

WebGL Off the Main Thread

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