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What Is PMO? A Guide to Project Management Office

Improved app quality and discovery on Google Play

API Updates and Important Changes

In reviews we trust — Making Google Play ratings and reviews more trustworthy

Android codelab courses are here!

What’s New in Trusted Authentication Framework 4.2

Combating Potentially Harmful Applications with Machine Learning at Google: Datasets and Models

An Update on Project Treble

Dweb: Decentralised, Real-Time, Interoperable Communication with Matrix

How to Create an ERC20 Token the Simple Way

Introduction to HTTP Live Streaming: HLS on Android and More

A Vital Guide to Qmake

Protecting WebView with Safe Browsing

Android Studio switching to D8 dexer

Introduction to Deep Learning Trading in Hedge Funds

Announcing new DirectX 12 features

An Introduction to Computability Theory and Complexity

An Introduction to CSS Grid Layout: Part 2

Working with Angular 4 Forms: Input Validation

Playdemic drives user engagement and revenue with live game operations on Google Play

Android Testing Support Library 1.0 is here!

Building Cross-platform Apps with Xamarin: Perspective of an Android Developer

How we stop fraudulent apps from holding you ransom

The Definitive Guide to NoSQL Databases

Keeping the Play Store trusted: fighting fraud and spam installs

Vaulting Out of Walled Gardens with Fancy Links

Trainspotting: Firefox 45

From the Forum — Issue #103

From the Forum — Issue #102

New Public Release: 2015.2731

From the Forum — Issue #92

From the Forum — Issue #91

Introducing Android Developer Nanodegree in India with Udacity—1000 scholarships available

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Corona Store: Flashlights, Vibration, and Text to Speech

From the Forum — Issue #88

A Brief Overview Of Vulkan API

From the Forum — Issue #79

How fast are web workers?

Android Developer Story: Wooga’s fast iterations on Android and Google Play

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Announcing Ext JS 6 Early Access Release

From the Forum — Issue #66

Using Siesta to Get Efficient TDD for your Ext JS Apps

From the Forum — Issue #61

From the Forum — Issue #60

From the Forum — Issue #58

Millions download role-playing app built by recent grad; he will publish to Xbox One using universal apps

QuaggaJS – Building a barcode-scanner for the Web

Movie night made better with the new Google Play Movies & TV app

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