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New Keystore features keep your slice of Android Pie a little safer

A Year of Q#

Firefox 64 Released

Agile UX: How to Incorporate UX and Product Design into Agile

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Terraform AWS Cloud: Sane Infrastructure Management

Is It Time to Use Node 8?

Free training for Android developers – learn how to succeed on Google Play

Dweb: Identity for the Decentralized Web with IndieAuth

Firefox 63 – Tricks and Treats!

Google Play offline peer to peer installs beta

Building a Titan: Better security through a tiny chip

Visual Studio Roadmap Updates and Visual Studio 2019 Information

Microsoft’s Developer Blogs are Getting an Update

Payments, accessibility, and dead macros: MDN Changelog for September 2018

Home Monitoring with Things Gateway 0.6

How to Create an ERC20 Token the Simple Way

5 Things You Have Never Done with a REST Specification

Camera Effects Platform is now Spark AR

Kotlin Momentum for Android and Beyond

A New Way to Support MDN

Facebook Login Update

Four Pitfalls of Sentiment Analysis Accuracy

OC5 Day 2 Highlights: Carmack’s Keynote, the Innovation Zone, and More

Getting started writing Visual Studio extensions

Android and Google Play Security Rewards Programs surpass $3M in payouts

Dweb: Creating Decentralized Organizations with Aragon

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/14/18

Firefox Focus with GeckoView

ARKit Demo: Augmented Reality Movie Making

Converting a WebGL application to WebVR

Staged releases allow you to bring new features to your users quickly, safely and regularly.

The search for JOMO: New research on digital wellbeing

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/31/18

Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google

The Ultimate ENS and ĐApp Tutorial

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Evolution of Android Security Updates

Streamlining the developer experience for instant games

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/17/18

Regional winners for the Developer Circles Community challenge announced

Google releases source for Google I/O 2018 for Android

MDN Changelog for July 2018: CDN tests, Goodbye Zones, and BCD

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