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Crafting a Strong Product Business Case

Do the Math: Scaling Microservices Applications with Orchestrators

Use your voice to access the world with a new Android app

Streaming support spec for hearing aids on Android

Machine Learning Video Analysis: Identifying Fish

Making WebAssembly better for Rust & for all languages

A rule-based framework to create dynamic themes

Android Wear SDK and Emulator Update

Angular Change Detection and the OnPush Strategy

500 million devices now supported for Android Instant Apps

By: New Research on the State of Web Application Testing Reveals Eye-Opening Insights on Automation, Quality and Future Investments – Wall Street…

By: 米国Sencha社が開発フレームワーク製品の最新版をリリース – prnews.click

Make more money with subscriptions on Google Play

By: Sencha Announces ExtReact for Adding Powerful UI Components to React Applications – Wall Street Business News

By: Sencha Test 2.0 Release Empowers Organizations to Deliver High-Quality Web Apps – Wall Street Business News

Silence speaks louder than words when finding malware

How to Build a Multilingual App: A Demo With PHP and Gettext

Start building Actions on Google

Important best practices to improve app engagement

Best practices to improve app engagement

Five steps to achieve sustainable growth and boost your app’s long term success

Android changes for NDK developers

Improving Rate Limits for Page Management Apps

Android Developer Story: Vietnamese games developer Divmob finds more users with localized pricing on Google Play

Introducing the second class of Launchpad Accelerator

Deprecation of BIND_LISTENER with Android Wear APIs

Guide to Multi-processing Network Server Models

The Evolution of LiveRail & Audience Network

Coffee with a Googler: Bullet Time with the Cloud Spin Team

Google Play Developer Console introduces Universal App Campaigns and User Acquisition performance reporting

Optimized Successive Mean Quantization Transform

Skype Tips for Remote Teams

Controlling WebRTC PeerConnections with an extension

Barcode Detection in Google Play services

Crash analysis in the unified Dev Center

Ultimate In-memory Data Collection Manipulation with Supergroup.js

Data Mining for Predictive Social Network Analysis

Business Intelligence Platform: Tutorial Using MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline

Game of the Month (Mar 2015): A Long Way Home

Securing Offline Apps—Sencha Space Makes It Easy

Building Enterprise Java Web Apps—Your Questions Answered

Installing Django on IIS: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

From Map/Reduce to JavaScript Functional Programming

The P2P Web: Wi-Fi Direct in Firefox OS

How to maximize the impact of Windows ad mediation for Windows Phone

Now Accepting Applications for FbStart: Helping Mobile Startups Grow

Introducing new Like and Share buttons

Introduction to Responsive Web Design: Pseudo-Elements, Media Queries, and More

Facebook update for Windows Phone 8 brings new photo features, languages

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