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Open Sourcing the Java Debugger for Visual Studio Code

Message Listener

Connect(“demos”); // 2015: HealthClinic.biz

XAML Behaviors, open source and on UWP

Apache Cordova Face-to-Face Meeting, Fall 2015

Emergency Contact List (ECL) Update

iOS: Use Custom URL Schemes for Enterprise Apps

Listening to MediaKeys in WebWorks

More shortcuts to the Enterprise – Create easy mobile Web-App Launchers

Developing Secure Camera for iOS Secure Work Space

Connecting to Couchbase with PouchDB

SystemDialog for WebWorks with Signals and Slots

Geolocating your employees when they enter dangerous places

Developing a Camera App for Android Secure Work Space

Google Analytics Upstream to PhoneGap

Building bridges for Enterprise Mobility

Adaptive Theme for BlackBerry 10.3

Featured Developer – Paweł Hofman

Enterprise Developer Groups Spotlight: Toby Clench

Three plugins updated by UCOSP student

AudioMetaData WebWorks Plug-in

Wrapup: Fall 2014 UCOSP Sprint

Google Analytics in WebWorks

Coding Android TV games is easy as pie

Building Bridges for Enterprise Mobility with NodeJS

Not only can Sample Projects save time…they can save lives. Open source to the rescue!

WebWorks Gamepad API thanks to our friend Peardox

OData v4.0 is Here – An Update for BlackBerry NDK is Now Available

Developing Cross-Platform UIs for the Enterprise, Part 1: Introducing the PantherUI Carousel

The Shortcut to your Enterprise

Create Your Own URI for Invoking Apps

Create an App for Your Community with BlackBerry

Corona Geek #86 – Using Open Source Projects with Corona SDK

Enterprise Push and Pull

Application Development from Behind the Firewall

Watch the Webcast: Building Web Apps with the New BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK

Bringing Home the Hardware: Add BlackBerry to Your Product Portfolio

Power your WebWorks Extension with Cordova

Building Cordova Plugins for BlackBerry 10 on Windows

Building Cordova Plugins for BlackBerry 10 on Linux

Building Cordova Plugins for BlackBerry 10 on Mac

BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK 2.0 Goes Gold!

Event Recap: Facebook Open Academy Sprint

UCOSP 2013 Wrap Up and Looking Ahead

Secrets of the BlackBerry Jam Asia Conference App, Part 1: Custom Credentials Dialog

Porting BlackBerry Java NFC Applications to BlackBerry 10 Part 6: Card Emulation with a SIM-based Secure Element

Porting BlackBerry Java NFC Applications to BlackBerry 10 Part 5: Virtual Tag and Card Emulation

Built for BlackBerry Boilerplates: The Essential Starting Point for Web, and Native Development

Mobile Apps are Bringing Unparalleled Productivity to Employees on the Road [VIDEO]

Learn how users interact with your app using Flurry Analytics

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