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With a tap on your phone, get help in an emergency

The search for JOMO: New research on digital wellbeing

Alternative input methods for Android TV

Working with Angular 4 Forms: Input Validation

Android Pay Integrates with Mobile Banking Apps

Happy New Year from Corona Labs!

Will Shoppers And Developers Adapt to Proximity Marketing In-Store?

Changes to Store listings and search algorithms

Location consent prompts and settings improvements in Windows 10 Mobile

Getting ready for Windows 10 – SDKs, compatibility, bridges

Bringing Marmalade SDK-based apps to Windows 10 – a step-by-step guide

Running Cocos2d-x on Windows 10

Increase ad revenue with ad mediation

Using FFmpeg in Windows Applications

Dev Center account migration begins next week

How we are improving Windows Store app catalog

From the Forum — Issue #73

Check out the Build Day 2 Keynote for a Great Introduction to the Universal Windows Platform

Bringing Node.js to Windows 10 IoT Core

Build 2015 Session Recap

Get ready for the Unified Dev Center dashboard preview and upcoming Store changes

Distributing Windows Apps to the World

Expanding the Universal Windows Platform at Build 2015

Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

Developing Facebook’s Messenger with Visual Studio

Cocos2d-x Games for Windows apps in JavaScript. Develop now for a chance to win.

Tappsi app helps hail cabs in Bogota

Reporting enhancements for Windows Phone developers

Now Available in Dev Center: Windows Download Badges in More Languages

Inside Windows Platform – How to Add Push Notifications to Your App

Creating Developer Opportunity with Windows Store in 2015

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – December 2014 Update

Microsoft’s Windows App Studio and TouchDevelop integrate. Mobile First. Cloud first.

Enhanced Windows Dev Center reporting

Use free “house ads” to promote your Windows apps

Gaming and Open Source for your Windows Phone and Windows Apps

Monetize your Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 apps with the Smaato SDK

Windows App Studio adds Twitter and Instagram OAuth integration

Up to $100 million available to purchase Windows apps, prepare your apps now to take advantage of the opportunity

Inside Windows Platform: Maximize ad revenue with Windows Ad Mediator Service and Control

Announcing Windows ad mediation – maximize your Windows Phone app ad revenue

Inside Windows Platform: Common App Developer Design Considerations

EventDay leverages Microsoft Azure to streamline conferences for organizers and attendees

Apache Cordova and WinJS

Updates to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store policies

Cortana Integration and Speech Recognition: New Code Samples

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime

New Dev Center lifetime registration and benefits program

WinJS Everywhere

An easier way to get started with Facebook

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