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Introducing the Collision Filters plugin

The 10 Most Common Mistakes That Unity Developers Make

Case Study: Climberia – a challenging climbing game

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From the Forum — Issue #100

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Tutorial Treasury: Physics collisions

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Corona Geek #147 – Creating A Rag Doll Character Using Pivot Joints and Physics Bodies

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Tutorial: Solutions to Common Physics Issues

Tutorial: Physics Joints Explained — Part 2

Tutorial: Physics Joints Explained — Part 1

Tutorial: Particle Collisions in LiquidFun

Tutorial: Introduction to LiquidFun

Corona Geek #81 – Using applyForce, applyTorque, and HTML5

Tutorial: Create Physics Bodies from Texture Assets

Disney’s Where’s My Water 2 debuts on Windows Phone 8

Corona Geek #53 – Make Rain and Lightning in Corona SDK

Corona Geek #52 – Making a Character Jump in Corona SDK

Tutorial: Non-Physics Collision Detection

App of the Week: Plasma Pig

App of the Week: Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil 2

Now in the Store: Angry Birds Rio for Windows Phone

Physics Raycasting and Reflection

Staff Conversation: Ray Casting In Corona SDK

Physics: Radial Gravity and Predicting Trajectory

Now in the Store: Shark Dash for Windows Phone 8

Working With Multi-Element Physics Bodies

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