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Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

Optimizing the Future of Global Humanitarian Efforts

How to make VR with the web, a new video series

Designing the Flexbox Inspector

Wrapping up for 2018 with Google Play and Android

Agile UX: How to Incorporate UX and Product Design into Agile

Into the Depths: The Technical Details Behind AV1

Streaming RNNs in TensorFlow

Share your favorite images and videos in VR with Mozilla Hubs

Grow and optimize your subscriptions with new Google Play features

Overscripted! Digging into JavaScript execution at scale

The Business of Apps: June 2017

Shipping Rust in Firefox

ES6 In Depth: Subclassing

ES6 In Depth: Proxies

Performance Testing Firefox OS With Raptor

ES6 In Depth – Symbols

Diving into Rust for the first time

Trainspotting: Firefox 38

Network Activity and Battery Drain in Mobile Web Apps

Creating a mobile app from a simple HTML site: Part 2

Toptal and Facebook – Creating a Global Virtual Office

Dive into Innovation and the Future at F8 Day 2

Are We Creating An Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? Security Challenges and Concerns

Introducing node-firefox

Blockchain Technology Explained: Powering Bitcoin

Visually Representing Angular Applications

interact.js for drag and drop, resizing and multi-touch gestures

jsDelivr and its open-source load balancing algorithm

Distributed On-the-Fly Image Processing and Open Source at Vimeo

The Visibility Monitor supported by Gaia

Passwordless authentication: Secure, simple, and fast to deploy

Unity games in WebGL: Owlchemy Labs’ conversion of Aaaaa! to asm.js

Matchstick Brings Firefox OS to Your HDTV: Be the First to get a Developer Stick

WebIDE, Storage inspector, jQuery events, iframe switcher + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 34

Enabling Voice Input into the Open Web and Firefox OS

Introducing Blast.js

Browserify and Gulp with React

Videos: getting started with your Flame device

How can we write better software? – Interview series, part 2 with Brian Warner

Using mozjpeg to Create Efficient JPEGs

Event listeners popup, @media sidebar, Cubic bezier editor + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 33

Building Firefox Hub Add-ons for Firefox for Android

ServiceWorkers and Firefox

WebIDE Lands in Nightly

What’s new in Cordova 3.5.0 for Firefox OS

Toolbox, Inspector & Scratchpad improvements – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 32

Stack Overflow Dashboard – check engagement, metrics and more

Easy audio capture with the MediaRecorder API

Pre-orders start today for Flame, the Firefox OS developer phone

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