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Add a Secure Chat Widget to Your Webpage—In Under 30 Minutes!

Android support library plugins updated

Android Studio 3.0

Developer Preview 4 now available, official Android O coming soon!

Android Wear: New complications tools and watch friendly UI library

Android Things Developer Preview 4

Final Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview: iOS support. Time to upload your apps to the Play Store!

Android Studio 2.2

Android Support Library 23.2

Get your hands on Android Studio 1.3

More Material Design with Topeka for Android

Drive Traffic to your Facebook Page with the Page Plugin

Android Design Support Library

Android M Developer Preview & Tools

Announcing Ext JS 5.1.1: Improving Your Dev Experience

Sencha Ext JS JetBrains Plugin EA Update 2 Released

Introducing @counter-style

Upgrading Deft JS to Work with Ext JS 5

Game of the Month (Nov 2013): Steam Punks

IT pros now have a Windows Phone support forum of their own

Pay It Forward: Helping a Local Business Connect with Customers

Platform Updates: Facebook iOS SDK 3.8, Larger Images for Link Page Posts, and Custom Audiences Update

Submit Your iOS 7 Apps

In Defense of Female Engineers

Highlights and Announcements from SenchaCon 2013

Transferring Your Apps in iTunes Connect

BlackBerry Java to BlackBerry 10 Cascades Porting Series – Part 13: Analytics

BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013 – Interview with Erik Lagerway from Hookflash [VIDEO]

BlackBerry Jam 2013 – Interview with Amos Gaynes from Moog

Thank you for your unprecedented interest in WWDC.

Hello Sencha Touch 2.2

BlackBerry 10 and Paganza

Promoting Apps with App Store Short Links

Syncing Google services with Windows Phone

Now in the Store: Priceline

Add to Passbook Badge and Guidelines Now Available

Best of 2012: Xbox games for Windows Phone

New Windows Phone 8 ads debut with Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani

Video: Tips for using Bing in Windows Phone 8

Promote Your Apps with New Mac App Store Badges

New App Store Badges and Product Images Now Available

Optimize Your App Artwork for High Resolution Displays

Submit Your Apps for iOS 6

GameHunks Podcast 18: GameHunks Interview GameSalad’s Alan Uthoff

GameSalad 0.10.0 for Mac: Web Publishing

GameHunks Podcast Episode 12: E3 is Upon Us!

GameSalad 0.9.93 Beta – Writeable Tables & iPad3 Retina Support

GameSalad Arrives on Windows!

Announcing Sencha GXT 3.0

GameHunks Podcast Episode 3: Handheld Gaming Part Two

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