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Easier phone calls without voice or hearing

Implications of Rewriting a Browser Component in Rust

Google Play Protect in 2018: New updates to keep Android users secure

Rust 2018 is here… but what is it?

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As a JS Developer, This Is What Keeps Me Up at Night

Decentralizing Social Interactions with ActivityPub

Dweb: Decentralised, Real-Time, Interoperable Communication with Matrix

Improved Facebook App Review Process

Dweb: Creating Decentralized Organizations with Aragon

Dweb: Serving the Web from the Browser with Beaker

Introducing the Dweb

Supporting display cutouts on edge-to-edge screens

Getting Started with BlackBerry Analytics SDK

Tuning your apps and games for long screen devices

Game Development: Going Solo

SafetyNet Verify Apps API, Google Play Protect at your fingertips

ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale

How to improve app design for Wear 2.0

Game development: Finding great audio for your game

Appodeal plugin updated to SDK version 2.0

Amit’s game programming resources

Building for Billions

Declarative Programming: Is It A Real Thing?

An Outsourcing Playbook for Android development

Gulp Under the Hood: Building a Stream-based Task Automation Tool

Optimize, Develop, and Debug with Vulkan Developer Tools

This Week in BlackBerry World: Halloween Edition

Tutorial Treasury: Composer

Networking API Improvements in Windows 10

Tutorial Treasury: Transitions

Top 5 Reasons the Web Will Win on Mobile

Developing audio apps for Android Auto

Introducing an updated Graph API and improved Facebook SDKs for iOS and Android

This API is so Fetching!

Exploring object-fit

Accessibility: The Keyboard is Your Friend

Efficient Game Textures with Hardware Compression

Making it easier to upgrade to Graph API v2.x

Announcing Ext JS 5.1 Beta

How to Deploy and Manage your Ext JS and Other HTML5 Apps

Understanding Widgets in Ext JS 5

Android One: Bringing Your Apps to the Next Five Billion

Introducing Win2D: GPU accelerated 2D graphics programming in the Windows Runtime

How we’re addressing misleading apps in Windows Store

Cast Away with Android TV and Google Cast

FlatBuffers: A Memory-Efficient Serialization Library

Giving people more control over when they share from apps

Using ViewControllers in Ext JS 5

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