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Great game design tips: the art of color

Welcome to the new Corona!

Case Study: Relaxation Coach by Aatos Media

Using Corona SDK at Global Game Jam 2016

Tutorial: Icons, Top Shelf and launch images for tvOS

Tutorial: Understanding the colon vs. dot operator

Tutorial Treasury: Networking with Corona SDK

Tutorial Treasury: Lua/programming topics

Tutorial: Introducing the Safari View plugin (iOS)

Tutorial: Partially filling an object

Corona Geek #153 – Custom Shader Math and 2D Shadow Effects

Corona Geek #152 – Facebook Integration and Social Media Sharing

Tutorial Treasury: Native text input fields/boxes

Corona Geek #149 – Shader Concepts and Playground Examples

Tutorial Treasury: Transitions

Tutorial: Scope for beginners

Tutorial: Connecting to RESTful API Services

Corona Geek #143 – Hanging out with CBEffects author Caleb Place

Corona Geek #141 – Creating and Matching Puzzle Pieces

Corona Geek #140 – Developing a Non-Game App and Memory Matching Game Logic

Tutorial: Utilizing Physics Post-Collisions

Tutorial: Formatting Values Using “string.format()”

Game of the Month (Mar 2014): LittleSaw

Game of the Month (Jan 2014): Super Spin Tanks

Tutorial: Understanding In-App Purchases

Tutorial: Introduction to Game Controllers

Tutorial: Reloading Storyboard Scenes

Tutorial: Access to iOS Contacts

Introducing the “Social” Plugin (iOS)

Understanding Facebook Authentication

Tutorial: Non-Physics Collision Detection

Coming Soon… HISTORY FIGHTER by Headrush Games and Ice Cap Publishing!

Tutorial: Stylizing Widgets, Part 1

Tutorial: Basic Debugging

Tutorial: Extending Libraries Without Native Code

Guest Tutorial: Delta Time in Corona

Tutorial: Using the OpenSSL Plugin

Tutorial: Handling Cross-Scene Audio

Tutorial: Goodbye Globals!

Tutorial: Using the Zip Plugin

Sprites and Image Sheets for Beginners

Physics Raycasting and Reflection

New System Info Properties

GameSalad’s own Michael Herring interviews at GDC 2013

Tutorial: New Corona Cloud API Library

Tutorial: Lua String Magic

Physics: Radial Gravity and Predicting Trajectory

Cleaning Up Display Objects and Listeners

“Android-izing” Your Mobile App

Introducing GameSalad Mac Creator 0.10.2 Beta

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