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Hot Module Replacement in Redux

How creating an Action can complement your Android app

Corona Labs releases a new public build

Creating a Cryptocurrency in the Crystal Programming Language

Android Emulator – AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support

Announcing the public preview of Azure Dev Spaces

A Deep Dive into Reinforcement Learning

MDN Changelog for June 2018

Using BlackBerry Dynamics and Android Things to Securely Manage IoT Apps

From the Forum – Issue #184

Improving discovery of quality apps and games on the Play Store

A New Universal Music Player

Users, Devices and Applications – How They Relate in UEM Architecture

Automating your app releases with Google Play

Launching the Indie Games Accelerator in Asia – helping gaming startups find success on Google Play

Android Things client library for Google Cloud IoT Core

Featured #MadeWithCorona Game: OverRapid

#IMakeApps – Celebrating app makers worldwide

From the Forum – Issue #183

Is Your App Ready to Meet Upcoming Google Play Requirements?

An Update on non-SDK restrictions in Android P

Wear OS developer preview reenabling alarms and jobs for background apps

@media, MathML, and Django 1.11: MDN Changelog for May 2018

Haxe: Cross-platform Development’s Best-kept Secret

Corona’s updated roadmap

Introduction to HTTP Live Streaming: HLS on Android and More

From the Forum – Issue #182

.app is open for general registration

Insider Attack Resistance

A cartoon intro to DNS over HTTPS

Introduction to Python Microservices with Nameko

A Vital Guide to Qmake

All the (Android) Things at Google I/O

Tomorrow is GDPR day. Are you ready?

Keeping 2 billion Android devices safe with machine learning

Snapshots on Exceptions while debugging with IntelliTrace

Styled-Components: CSS-in-JS Library for the Modern Web

From the Forum – Issue #181

Getting your Corona apps ready for GDPR!

Improving the responsiveness of critical scenarios by updating auto load behavior for extensions

New in Firefox 61: Developer Edition

Visual Studio and Unity 2018.1, even better together

Visualizing Your Smart Home Data with the Web of Things

Faster Adoption with Project Treble

Wear OS by Google: AoG support and new enhanced battery saver mode

Welcome to the new Corona Marketplace

Firefox 60 – Modules and More

I/O 2018: Everything new in the Google Play Console

Hello World, AndroidX

Hyper-V Android emulator support

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