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Learn Quantum Computing with the Quantum Katas

Q# Advent Calendar 2018

Combating Potentially Harmful Applications with Machine Learning at Google: Datasets and Models

The Power of Web Components

An Update on Project Treble

Private by Design: How we built Firefox Sync

AI-assisted coding comes to Java with Visual Studio IntelliCode

Get your app ready for foldable phones

Into the Depths: The Technical Details Behind AV1

Unfolding right now at #AndroidDevSummit!

Introducing the new Animation Plugin

Update on the new GPGS v2 plugin

#madewithcorona: Mission Me!

A different approach to game difficulty

Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications

Free training for Android developers – learn how to succeed on Google Play

Firefox 63 – Tricks and Treats!

Steamworks plugin is now open-source

Visual Studio Roadmap Updates and Visual Studio 2019 Information

Dweb: Decentralised, Real-Time, Interoperable Communication with Matrix

A Secure BlackBerry Dynamics Android WebView is Here

Get ready for #AndroidDevSummit, kicking off November 7!

Introducing Oboe: A C++ library for low latency audio

Control Flow Integrity in the Android kernel

Simplify extension development with PackageReference and the VSSDK meta package

Introducing ‘Suggest a Feature’ in Developer Community

Providing a safe and secure experience for our users

Facebook Login Tool for Third Party Developers

Camera Effects Platform is now Spark AR

Kotlin Momentum for Android and Beyond

New Google Play Games Services plugin

Facebook Login Update

Monetization best practices (and a new Ad Tutorial!)

OC5 Day 2 Highlights: Carmack’s Keynote, the Innovation Zone, and More

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/28/18

YouTube API Integration: Uploading Videos with Django

A New Era for VR Gaming and Entertainment: OC5 Day 1 Recap

How to upgrade extensions to support Visual Studio 2019

Getting started writing Visual Studio extensions

Android Studio 3.2

Linux builds for Corona

Cool things in the Marketplace 9/14/18

Winners of the Developer Circles Community Challenge

Firefox Focus with GeckoView

The struggle of retention with casual games

Client-side vs Server-side vs Pre-rendering for Web Apps

Finding playtesters for your game

Cool things in the Marketplace 8/31/18

The 10 secrets to indie game success

Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google

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