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Choosing a Tech Stack Alternative – The Ups and Downs

Join the Visual Studio for Mac ASP.NET Core Challenge

Re-imagining developer productivity with AI-assisted tools

Announcing Visual Studio Online Public Preview

Case Study: Why I Use AWS Cloud Infrastructure for My Products

New learning resources for building ASP.NET Core apps using Visual Studio for Mac

Corona now supports Dark Mode

Introducing NDK r21: our first Long Term Support release

Lighter and Faster – A Guide to the Svelte Framework

If it has audio, now it can have captions

Previewing #AndroidDevSummit: Sessions, App, & Livestream Details

App Sign In for your Corona apps

Machines and Trust: How to Mitigate AI Bias

A simple progressView for Corona

WordPress Continuous Deployment and Version Control with Bitbucket

More improvements for Android on entry-level phones

Working with ESP32 Audio Sampling

An Array of Possibilities: A Guide to Ruby Pattern Matching

Functions and return statements in Corona

10 things to know about Android 10

Committed to a safer Google Play for Families

Expanding bug bounties on Google Play

Accelerate with BERT: NLP Optimization Models

Android Studio 3.5: Project Marble goes into stable

Make Your App Profitable, Part 2 – Harnessing the Mobile Funnel

Avoiding Bad Practices in iOS and Android Design

The Dart Language: When Java and C# Aren’t Sharp Enough

With a tap on your phone, get help in an emergency

8 tips for a stress-free summer road trip

Upgrade your drive with Android Auto

Android 64-bit is here…

Important AdMob and other ad plugin changes

A Deep Look at JSON vs. XML, Part 1: The History of Each Standard

When you can’t find the words, 65 new emoji are here for you

Android Dev Summit 2019 Registration is Open

Extending Corona libraries without native coding

Corona Android 64-bit update July 4, 2019

Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

Approaching the Website Design Process from the Browser

Crafting a Strong Product Business Case

An Intro to SQL Window Functions

Ruby Algorithm Documentation with AsciiDoc and Knitr

When Does it Make Sense to Use Google BigQuery?

Improved app quality and discovery on Google Play

Google Play services and Firebase migrating to AndroidX

Zero to Hero: Flask Production Recipes

Build a Custom Full Page Slider with CSS and JavaScript

Corona, Google Play apps and 64-bit

New features to make audio more accessible on your phone

Building a GraphQL Server with Laravel

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