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Machine Learning Video Analysis: Identifying Fish

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Bots for Messenger: New Blog, Features, and More

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Announcing the People API

Corona Geek #173 – Adding Game Controller Support

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Corona Geek #160 – Homing Turret Vector Math Breakdown – Using Gravity In Games – Part 6

Corona Geek #159 – Adding Turrets To Games – Using Gravity In Games – Part 5

Corona Geek #149 – Shader Concepts and Playground Examples

Corona Geek #146 – Creating Draggable Rag Dolls, Using Physics Bodies, and Creating Joints

Corona Geek #145 – Creating Library Extensions, JSON Load/Save, and Persistence

Corona Geek #143 – Hanging out with CBEffects author Caleb Place

Corona Geek #142 – Ichi Game Mechanics, Bumpers, and One Touch Input

Corona Geek #140 – Developing a Non-Game App and Memory Matching Game Logic

Corona Geek #138 – Hanging with DigiTen Studios and App Development Consulting Tips – Part 2

F8 2015: Using Facebook’s Family of Services to Build, Grow and Monetize Apps

Learn How UX Design can Make Your App More Successful

Learn to Think Like an Android Developer

OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 3 Now Available

High Five, Star Wipe: Introduction to Cascades [Videos]

Getting Help with App Review Results

Make Your Apps Work Seamlessly with iOS 7

Manage Game Center Leaderboard Scores

Game Legend John Romero Joins as Advisor, Talks Corona SDK

Use Scripting Targets to Compose Email

3-D effects with Normal Mapping

Platform Updates: Local Currency Payment Videos and Improving App Security

Windows 8.1 for iOS developers

New Resources for Registered Apple Developers

Transferring Your Apps in iTunes Connect

Quick Tip: Keep better track of favorite bands using Buzz

Promoting Apps with App Store Short Links

New Search API in Map Kit Now Available

Add to Passbook Badge and Guidelines Now Available

New App Store Badges and Product Images Now Available

Promote Your App with Smart App Banners

Promote Your App with Smart App Banners

More Updates: iOS 6, NOOK HD, CoronaGeek Hangout

Introducing the BlackBerryDev channel on YouTube

Submit Your Apps for iOS 6

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