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Windows SDK for Facebook

Dev Center account migration begins next week

Windows Store Payout Improvements

Developing Facebook’s Messenger with Visual Studio

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – April 2015 Update

New Windows Phone Dev Center Financial reporting

Mobile game studio reaches more than 160 million downloads on more platforms with Microsoft Azure; generates $10 million

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Updates to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store policies

Introducing Corona Support for Windows Phone 8

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – September 2014 Update

Ginny Caughey, grandmother and avid Windows developer, uses Windows 8.1 to scale her enterprise operations

Responding to app reviews: benefits and guidelines

Toronto-based developer will leverage Windows 8.1 features to more deeply engage gamers

Windows Phone 8.1 Update brings Cortana to new markets + new features

Fitbit arrives for Windows Phone 8.1!

Introduction to universal Windows apps in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

Uber now available on Windows Phone!

Tips and tricks for using XAML controls in your universal Windows apps

Which app should I build? Exploring opportunities in the market

Subway Surfers now available on low-memory Windows Phone 8 devices

5 tips for using Cortana reminders

Twitter app update brings enhancements for sharing and uploading photos

New games from Gameloft heat up the Windows and Windows Phone Stores

5 tips for tip-top typing on Windows Phone

10 of the best new indie games for Windows Phone in June

Cortana now predicts outcomes for Soccer (Football) tournaments

Skype 2.19 brings Cortana integration in Windows Phone 8.1

Bing Rewards app now available for Windows Phone

Register now: Unity game developer porting lab for Windows and Windows Phone

Announced today: Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 and Lumia SensorCore SDK

Common questions and answers about files and app data, part 1: App data

Free one year prime[31] Unity plug-ins

DEVELOPER SPEAK: Drift Mania series downloaded 6 million times; developer to expand his reach with 8.1

Angry Birds Epic now available for Windows Phone

Cricket Wireless has announced the Nokia Lumia 1320

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated with performance improvements and new features

Marmalade SDK 7.3 for Windows platform: new features, free license

Backup and restore your app on Windows Phone 8.1, Part 1: Start screen

Introducing Files – a file management app for Windows Phone 8.1

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Migrating your Windows Phone app from the Background Transfer Service to the converged Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer API

8 great new indie games for your Windows Phone

Three new Disney games for Windows Phone, plus big savings right now on select Disney & Marvel games through June 2nd

Windows and Windows Phone Store trends – May 2014 Update

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