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Faster Adoption with Project Treble

Making WebAssembly better for Rust & for all languages

Automatic protections in Android: Q&A with a security expert

Strictly Enforced Verified Boot with Error Correction

More speed and coverage with U.S. Cellular — now part of Project Fi

Helping web developers with JavaScript errors

Bring Your Android App to Chromebooks

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From the Forum — Issue #93

Get ready for the sweet taste of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

A step toward better mobile experiences in Africa

ES6 In Depth: An Introduction

A Digital Nomad Adventure: Traveling with Hacker Paradise

What do you want from your DevTools?

From the Forum — Issue #60

Windows 10 Coming to Raspberry Pi 2

December 2014 Game of the Month: Panmorphia

A Tutorial for Reverse Engineering Your Software’s Private API: Hacking Your Couch

Game of the Month (Nov 2014): Gigi and Lily

Designing the perfect Lollipop.

Expanding Open Source technologies on Windows

Inside Windows Phone 75: Tim Heuer on Windows Runtime XAML

Unlocking the Power of Google for Your Games, at GDC

Cloudy Pics Part 4: Cards and Enterprise

What Makes a Developer Marketable?

Game of the Month (Aug 2013): The Curse of Shadow House

Accessing External Resources in a BlackBerry 10 WebWorks App [Enterprise Dev]

Qt Creator 2.7.0 released

Render Thread Animations in Qt Quick 2.0

Now in Marketplace: Box for Windows Phone

Planning Qt Contributors Summit

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