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The combination of Visual Studio and Unity provides a top-notch experience for game development across a variety of platforms and devices. While we offer no cost software for those just starting out, as your team’s size and success grows, so does the need for professional tools.

We’re happy to announce in partnership with Unity Technologies, you can save 10% (up to $270!) with the all-new Unity Pro & Visual Studio Professional Bundle*.

With the bundle you’ll not only get the Visual Studio Professional IDE, but also one year of access to Visual Studio Professional Standard Subscription that includes development/test use rights for Microsoft software, $50 in monthly Azure credits, and CodeLens in the IDE on PC which provides better insight into your team’s code. Unity Pro provides extended analytics, performance reporting, collaboration tools, access to a Unity Success Advisor, and so much more. This special bundle is available for developers on both PC and Mac and you can learn more at

Visual Studio and Unity Bundle

Visual Studio and Unity: Seamless Integration

The Visual Studio and Unity integration enables you to be more productive and improve the developer inner loop. When working with scripts, you can use Visual Studio features like IntelliSense. You can also directly implement Unity API messages in MonoBehavior scripts and take advantage of the MonoBehavior wizard for adding method definitions. Visual Studio also enables you to view Unity scripts in the “Unity Project Explorer” and makes it easy to debug games with its powerful debugger. Ready to see your changes? Enable “Attach to Unity and Play” to automatically switch to the Unity editor and begin playback of your game.

Visual Studio and Unity - Seamless Integration

To learn more about game development with Unity in Visual Studio, check out our docs.

* Limited time offer, Visual Studio Professional Subscription valid for one year.
For purchase information and to learn more about the Unity Pro & Visual Studio Professional Bundle, visit

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This post was originally published at Save with the Unity Pro & Visual Studio Professional Bundle