Yesterday I told you about the appalanche of new brand-name apps that arrived in the Windows Phone Store this week. Lost amid all that buzz, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s announcement of the availability of the Windows 8.1 preview, was that several of the Store’s most popular apps added some nice new features.

So if you own any of these apps, make sure to update them and try out the new features. And if you don’t, then now’s a great time to try them out.



What’s new: Bing Translator, so you can read what people are tweeting even if you don’t speak their language. Supports 38 languages—just look for the globe icon (learn more).



What’s new: LyricPlay, so you can sing-along to ; tens of thousands of tracks. Also, identify songs offline and Shazam will try to find a match when you have a connection again.



What’s new: The popular calorie-counting app is more social than ever, with new support for Facebook, friend management, news feeds and offline use.

;NBC News

NBC News

What’s new: Adds closed captioning and speech recognition, so you can use your voice to browse headlines and search for stories.



What’s new: Listen to on-demand streaming of Bloomberg TV and Radio.

Best Buy

Best Buy

What’s new: Use your voice to find a nearby store or shop for gadgets.



6 Windows Phone apps that got juicy updates this week