In our previous three posts of this series we’ve covered a wide extent of //build 2014. In this final post, then, we wanted to complete the story.

First are a number of additional sessions on the current tools such as Visual Studio, App Studio, and Azure:

· 2-582 – Tips and Tricks in Visual Studio 2013

· 2-588 – The Present and Future of .NET in a World of Devices and Services

· 2-575 – Getting Started with Visual Studio Online

· 3-584 – Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration with Visual Studio Online and Microsoft Azure

· 2-585 – What's New for Azure Developers in Visual Studio and Azure SDK

· 2-565 – App Studio for Windows and Windows Phone: Pre Launch Preview

· 3-590 – Deep Dive into Git with Team Foundation Server

· 3-595 – Using the Cloud-Based Load Testing Service and Application Insights to Find Scale and Performance Bottlenecks in Your Applications

· 4-587 – Native Code Performance on Modern CPUs: A Changing Landscape

· 2-661 – Modern C++: What You Need to Know

· 9-015 – Optimizing C++ for Modern Hardware

If you’re developing for Microsoft Office, there are some sessions just for you:

· 2-567 – Build Connected Productivity Apps

· 3-568 – Office Power Hour – New Developer APIs and Features for Apps for Office

· 3-572 – Captivate Consumers with the OneNote API

· 3-573 – Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps

· 3-574 – Apps for Outlook Power Hour

Microsoft Azure was also represented strongly. We’ve already highlighted a number of Azure sessions, such as those related to Azure mobile services, Azure websites, and Azure tools. And then there are 24 additional Azure sessions that especially focus on cloud applications, DevOps, SQL Server, and other specialized areas that are too many to list here. But you can find them on channel9 by filtering on Azure.

And last, but not least, we wanted to leave you with a handful of sessions that include some of the most popular and highly rated talks of the conference, even though they don’t fit neatly into other categories. The first one, Windows and the Internet of Things, is especially interesting because for all we’ve seen already for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and the web, the market for embedded apps in a huge variety of devices is actually larger than all the others combined! The Internet of Things, where Windows is already very present, is a tremendous opportunity for you to leverage all your existing skills in new ways. We certainly encourage you to watch that session and find ways to explore this exciting territory!

· 2-511 – Windows and the Internet of Things

· 3-635 – Internet of Things with Azure Service Bus

· 2-534 – 3D Printing with Windows

· 2-536 – Simplifying Hardware Development for Windows Platforms

· 2-546 – Windows Platform: Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Best Practices

· 3-642 – Thinking for Programmers

· 3-643 – Developing Neural Networks using Visual Studio

With that, we hope you’ve enjoyed these highlights and we look forward to seeing the results of all your creative efforts by the next //build!

The //build Planning Team

P.S. What did you think of the //build 2014 content? What were your favorite sessions? What did you want to see but didn’t? Leave us your feedback in the comments here, and also leave session-specific feedback on the channel9 page for that session. We do read and care about your input!


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