From the Forum – Issue #169

Android Things Contest Winners

Managing Secrets Securely in the Cloud

Getting your Android app ready for Autofill

#CoronaDefoldJam – We have a winner!

Keep Your Skills Up to Date: New Training and Azure Resources

The Latest in Developer Productivity and App Experiences

Create Data from Random Noise with Generative Adversarial Networks

Android Pay goes local in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Brazil and Slovakia

How the Pixel 2’s security module delivers enterprise-grade security

10 things you might be doing wrong when using the SafetyNet Attestation API

A Guide to Performance Testing and Optimization With Python and Django

Unlock your superpowers with Android Pay and Justice League

Run and Debug Java 9 in Visual Studio Code

Intro to Magento: Navigating the Top eCommerce Ecosystem

Making Pixel better for Drivers

New third-party “Getting Started with Corona” tutorial

Visual Studio IDE extensions now published and managed at Marketplace

Get Started with IoT Development: An ESP8266 Arduino Tutorial

Google and Ideas United announce Infinite Deviation: Games winners

Google and Ideas United Announce Infinite Deviation: Games Program Winners

Announcing Architecture Components 1.0 Stable

Broad vs. Narrow Skillsets: Software Engineering Skills Demystified

From the Forum – Issue #168

How to Create Exclusive Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

Update on Kotlin for Android

Welcome HTC to the Android One family

Let us know why you love Corona!

Announcing Fast Pair – effortless Bluetooth pairing for Android

Corona community officially on VK.COM

Calling All Developers and Architects: Explore the Future of Enterprise Development at The New York BlackBerry Security Summit

GNSS Analysis Tools from Google

The Developer Resume Is Dead: Long Live the Portfolio

An Introduction to Computability Theory and Complexity

Run book Run! From physical paper to executable online books

Android 8.1 Developer Preview

Android Studio 3.0

Featured game: Word Cook

Clean Code: Why HTML/CSS Essentials Still Matter

Webinar: Level-up Your Unity Games with Visual Studio, C#, and Azure Easy Tables

Open Sourcing the Java Debugger for Visual Studio Code

From the Forum – Issue #167

Bad Practices in Database Design: Are You Making These Mistakes?

Using plugins with native Android builds

Playtime 2017: Find success on Google Play and grow your business with new Play Console features

Visual Studio Team Services notifications in Visual Studio IDE

Theming with Sass: An SCSS Tutorial

Google Play’s Indie Games Contest is back in Europe. Enter now

Calling All Developers and Architects: Explore the Future of Enterprise Development at The BlackBerry Security Summit

A Guide to Static Site Generators Using Hexo and WordPress

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